Vintondale man and former Nettleton man
injured in cogeneration plant accident

Feburary 13, 2001

A Blacklick Valley man, Daryl Landrum of Vintondale, was one of four workers injured, one of them fatally, in an accident at the Ebensburg Power Cogeneration plant on February 5. Also injured was Roger Shaffer of Johnstown, formerly of Cardiff Road in the Nettleton area of Blacklick Township.

According to an article in the Ebensburg Mountaineer-Herald of February 9, sent to the home page by Frank Charney of Virginia, the four were carpenters building a scaffold at the plant while it was shut down from normal operations. A water leak onto a boiler furnace was believed to have caused an explosion that injured the men. The man who died of the injuries was Dave Banko of Seward. Also hospitalized, besides Landrum and Shaffer, was Keith Rhine of Homer City.

The Ebensburg Power Company produces electricity at the plant by processing "bony" from former mines from the area. The plant is owned by Babcock & Wilcox Co., a subsidiary of McDermott International, Inc.

Cogeneration was a topic on the Nanty Glo Home Page email forum on January 30.


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