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Tuesday, December 22 1998

Latest additions to site—Memories of Christmases in Blacklick Valley Your webmaster has a few, shared on the latest Forum entry.

Note 1 What made Christmas in Nanty Glo and Blacklick Valley special for you? What makes it special still? Send us an email or reply on our guestbook.

Tuesday, December 8 1998

Latest additions to site—New links to Covolo-Miller and Jomar Plastics pages

Note 1 Sallie Miller-Covolo and Nanty Glo native Dominic Covolo have sent in a new link for their family tree page, and Jomar Plastics also has a new address and some attractive Christmas decorations.

Saturday, December 5 1998

Latest additions to site—School near Nantyglo, Wales, wants contact with local students

Note 2 An administrator from Bryn Mawr School in Nantyglo Township, Wales, UK, writes to introduce the school and, he hopes, to make contact with students in Nanty Glo, Pa.

Nanty Glo's Christmas song—"O Little Town..."

Note 1 I know it's corny but that's the kind of guy I am. Every time I would drive into Nanty Glo during the Christmas season, "O Little Town of Bethlehem" would start playing in my head. That was when Nanty Glo was a little Bethlehem (as in Bethlehem Steel's Bethlehem Mines Division) town, of course. But to many of us that's what it will remain in memory if not again in reality. No disrespect was ever intended to the carol or its sentiments, of course; it was just a delightful ambiguity, the kind of word game we Irish and many others seem to love playing. And that's why I changed the music on the opening page.

The previous music there, a medley of favorite Christmas tunes, is now attached to this page. If you don't hear it, return to the home page and click on your "stop" button to stop "O Little Town," and return to this page and click "refresh" or "reload" to start the music for this page.

Thanks to Harvey Ackerman for sending me the info about his Christmas Tree site, linked to the Bethlehem graphic above, and to Ron Weekes for the link to "So this is Christmas," Sallie Covolo for the link to "Let It Snow" and to Mary Ann Losiewicz for "Snow House"(Fun sites 1, 2 and 3).

Friday, December 4 1998

Let's decorate for Christmas—Share your Christmas photos from Pennsylvania

Note 1 Post your Christmas and "Christmasy" photos from Blacklick Valley to the Home Page. Indoor or outdoor, kids with Santa, church pageants and services.... Recent or old-time; color or black and white. Also, share your Christmas memories in Blacklick Valley in writing. Recall your specific events or general impressions. Send an email describing your photos or your memories.

Thursday, November 26 1998

Latest additions to site—A virtual Thanksgiving bouquet

Note 1 Randy Jansure emailed this Turkey Day bouquet to all Nanty Glo Home Page readers. Thanks, Randy. It will be available for viewing at the above link through the week of November 30.

Sunday, November 22 1998

Latest additions to site—Nanty Glo's churches are now online, with photos

Note 1 Just in time for Thanksgiving services.... We will gladly add photos of other churches listed, as they are submitted to the home page. And any information regarding services, staff names, and other items helpful to inquirers or parishoners is also welcome.

Sunday, November 15 1998

Latest additions to site—Letter writer recalls summers in Nanty Glo

Note 1 Patrick Cahalane spent his growing-up summers at his grandparents' home on First Street.

Saturday, November 14 1998

Latest additions to site—Jomar Plastics Home Page

Note 1 Nanty Glo's 40-year-old industry now has a home on the worldwide web.

Sunday, November 8 1998

Latest additions to site—Painting of mine donated to Nanty Glo Library—Richard and Barbara Hakanen made the contribution in September

Note 1 Watercolor rendition of former Heisley Mine was done by Ruth Kniseley of York in 1958 and hung in the Lindsay Insurance Agency for 40 years.

Sunday, November 1 1998

Latest additions to site—The Covolo/Miller Home Page
A new home page with Blacklick Valley ties added to links page.

Note 1 The Covolos of Nanty Glo and Millers of North Carolina are building their family tree online.

Friday, October 30 1998

Latest additions to site—Halloween in Blacklick Valley

Note 1 These aren't the "latest additions"—it's hard to believe they've been here a year already—but if you haven't read them yet, they're new to you. Look for the orange links on the Forum Home Page.

Wednesday, October 28 1998

Latest additions to site—Memories of Nanty Glo's UMWA Hall

Note 1 Randy Jansure is the author of our latest Forum essay. Remember basketball in the Union Hall?

Saturday, October 24 1998

Latest additions to site—A new personal web page

Note 1 Randy Jansure is the fourth Home Page reader to take up our offer for a free home page site. Check it out. Also, the September/October Shaw family newsletter is now online on the Shaw family site.

Note 2 A personal note. Last Saturday I arrived in Los Angeles, nearly 400 miles from my home in San Jose, to begin a new and exciting job. Having left my previous employer in August just before my Ireland and Nanty Glo trip, things were at first very optimistic for new employment but had begun to seem quite grim at the beginning of last week (October 10-17). Then on Tuesday (10-13) I got the call, from a recruiter in New England, asking if I'd be willing to work for a Seattle-based consulting firm on the Year 2000 project for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. An apartment would be provided by the company, along with other amenities, as well as my best hourly rate ever. It might last two weeks, two months, or even longer. Two days later the contract was signed, and two days after that I was in Los Angeles. My apartment is about two miles from Universal Studios (and the famed Universal Amusement Park), a mile from Warner Bros. in Burbank (you knew the Warners were Western Pennsylvanians, didn't you?), and two miles from Jay Leno's NBC studio. But I've been so busy I have had little time to take anything in...and even have a 10-hour workday scheduled today, Saturday. I went to UCLA for my master's, commuting the 200-mile roundtrip from Santa Barbara, but have never lived in Los Angeles city or county before. So even though I'm too mature (an official senior citizen at Denny's) to be star struck, this is still an adventure. But it's also a "killer schedule" so far, which is why I'm behind on keeping the page fresh and even answering some correspondence. Please bear with me!

Tuesday, October 13 1998

Latest additions to site—Vintondale slide show improved

Note 1 Part of the reason I do all this is that I'm always learning something. Now I've learned that you can have a "slide show" that starts automatically in a controlled-size window, and after the first slide can be controlled by the viewer by clicking an onscreen button, without losing the controlled-size window. This is the best of both worlds, so that's what I've added to the Vintondale slide show. The Drive Around Nanty Glo also works that way, and I'm converting the Ireland slide shows (all 12 of them!) to this method even as you read this! Incidentally, if you don't have Java related to your browser, the automatic first slide and the controlled-size window won't work for you (and it appears that this is true of America Online subscribers generally). In that case, you have to click the button on the title page to get the first slide, and it will open in a window like the one you're looking at at the time. For best results, maximize the window for the slides. Those using recently released Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers should get the full effects.

Monday, October 12 1998
Happy Columbus Day!

Latest additions to site—A drive around Nanty Glo

Note 1 Eighteen photos from around Nanty Glo. These are in a new format that lets you determine when to go on to the next photo by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. Nanty Glo's schools are already on a page of their own; clubs and churches will also have their own pages and so are not included here.

Sunday, October 11 1998

Latest additions to site—All 12 slide shows now on Ireland diary

Four new photos on the home page

Note 1 All the slides of our Ireland trip are now in place in the Tourism department. Each group of slides can be accessed separately in its turn while reading through the diary, or they can all be viewed in succession by clicking on the link to the next show at the end of the first. For best results, make sure your browser window is maximized as you watch the slides.

Note 2 Finally, the last photos from our visit to Nanty Glo have been processed. Four more of them have been added to the Home Page.

Friday, October 9 1998

Latest additions to site—Ninth slide show now on Ireland diary

Note 1 A slide show of the Cliffs of Moher and several views en route from there to Galway have been added, as well as a new picture on the Dublin site and several new pictures on the Lough Derg slide show.

Wednesday, October 7 1998

Latest additions to site—Eighth slide show now on Ireland diary

Note 1 We finally got the final pictures from our Ireland trip on the Kodak Photonet, and have begun adding them to the online diary. The latest addition is the Clonmacnoise slide show, showing the monastic development at the ancient crossroads of Ireland.

Sunday, October 4 1998

Latest additions to site—The Home Page in the press

Note 1 The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat's September 3 feature on the Nanty Glo Home Page is now online. Clippings from the Nanty Glo Journal and Ebensburg Mountaineer-Herald will be added as soon as possible.

Note 2 The Nanty Glo "Postcards from the Past" feature can now be accessed from the Nanty Glo History article in the Forum.

Saturday, October 3 1998

Latest additions to site—Happy Anniversary!

Note 1 The Nanty Glo Home Page is marking its first anniversary of online publication all this week, ending today with a whole new look to the home page! I'm still working my way through all the new material I got for the home page on my recent visit to Nanty Glo, and one of the next features I hope to develop will be "a drive around town," using some of the sixteen images that now flash around on the home page, and some others as well. So think of this as a preview. Please be patient; the first time you load it it may take a couple of minutes for all the images to appear, but once they're in your "temp" file it should load much more quickly from then on.

Aside from the "look," the biggest change is that most of the links are no longer mapped to an image as they were before, but are accessed by opening the dropdown menu just below the photo spread. Six links are still available immediately, atop the page, however: the one to this page (in the upper right corner), and the links to the local maps, the guest book (sign and read), and the email page in our Forum (send and read). Incidentally, the page is laid out such that you should see the date in the upper left, the scrolling headlines in the center of the same line, and the link to this page at the right end of the same line. If it doesn't look like that on your browser, please let me know, and tell me what kind of browser you're using (Netscape, AOL, an Internet Explorer version earlier than 4.0 (which is what I'm using)?).

Friday, October 2 1998

Latest additions to site—Nanty Glo before the rock 'n' roll era

Note 1 You've read about Nanty Glo when there were four record hops every week. But now Francis Charney takes us back to the time before Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" when it was more about ice cream sodas at Hagens' restaurant and a choice of movies at two theaters on Friday and Saturday nights. Cruising, however, was still very much the thing to do.

Wednesday, September 30 1998

Latest additions to site—A Vintondale slide show

Note 1 Our photos from the Vintondale Homecoming, earlier this month, are now online in slide show format. The Vintondale historical photos in the Postcards from the Past series are also included in the show.

Send me your comments and feedback.

Jon Kennedy, ye olde webmaster

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