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Wednesday, September 30 1998

Latest additions to site—A Vintondale slide show

Note 1 Our photos from the Vintondale Homecoming, earlier this month, are now online in slide show format. The Vintondale historical photos in the Postcards from the Past series are also included in the show.

Monday, September 28 1998

Latest additions to site—A photo of 'hitchhiker's corner.'

Note 1 The Virtual Nanty Glo | Virtual Valley page, which reminiscences about hitchhiking to and from Nanty Glo from points north (like Belsano) in the late '50's, now includes a photo of the corner where hitchhikers used to stand in Nanty Glo. The corner of Second Street and Chestnut, going north on 271, was the place, and the spot to stand was in front of what once was, and will it seems forever be known as, "Fred Edwards' Store." Back in the days of Friday midnight shows at the Capitol Theater, hitchhikers used to stand here in competing groups, thumbing rides.

Sunday, September 27 1998

Latest additions to site—A valley schools page.

Now it's

Note 2 Photos taken on our recent visit enable us to add a page that gives all the vital information at our disposal on the schools Blacklick Valley students attend (the Blacklick Valley elementary, junior and senior high school, and St. Mary's and Bishop Carroll parochial schools), with three attractive pictures. The vital information is still on our Resources site as well.

Note 1 The Nanty Glo Home Page marks one year of service this week. To celebrate, we've acquired exclusive rights to the Internet domain, Our having it means you have it, too, with our standing invitation to make this your home site and the (free) site of your personal home page, as opposed to some corporation that might someday want to make it a strictly commercial site. If you'd like to read about how we began, click here.

Wednesday, September 23 1998

Latest additions to site—Report on NGHS Class of '53 reunion.

Note 1 Sallie Covolo of San Jose, Calif., writes on the 45th anniversary reunion of Nanty Glo High's Class of '53. As the wife of Nanty Glo native Dominic Covolo, she writes with great fondness about her many visits to Nanty Glo over the years.

Tuesday, September 22 1998

Latest additions to site—Library can help with family research.

Letter writer appreciates preview of Nanty Glo.

Note 2 Ann Gongloff, librarian at the Nanty Glo Library, informs us that the Nanty Glo Journal from 1921 to the present is available there on microfilm. Also, the library staff will look up obituaries in that file and make copies and mail them to family researchers requesting them, for a nominal fee.

Note 1 Stacy Austin of Texas (no Dallas, not Austin) visited her husband's hometown of Nanty Glo in July and dazzled relatives and friends with her knowledge of the area's attractions and history. All because she'd delved into our favorite topic here on the Nanty Glo Home Page. Her letter, on the Forum letters page, is the kind that makes it all worthwhile.

Saturday, September 19 1998

Latest additions to site—Revamped library page.

A banner link to the Nanty Glo Home Page, from your page.

Note 2 Ann Gongloff, librarian at the Nanty Glo Library, asked us to take a picture of the library, and the weather being rare perfection, we don't think we could have gotten a better one. It is now added to our library page (click the library icon on the Home Page), along with information about the library's services and hours. Our online Cyber-library is still there, too.

Note 1 We're always eager to link any home pages with Nanty Glo ties, and appreciate when such linking is reciprocated. If you have a home page you can now link us using our handy-dandy banner link, which just happens to call the Nanty Glo Home Page the coolest hometown page on the web. Check it out on the links page.

Friday, September 18 1998

Latest additions to site—Three new slide shows in Ireland Diary

Help for AOL members on postcards, other slide shows.

Note 2 Most of our Ireland photos have finally been processed by Kodak, and three slide shows have now been added to the Ireland Diary. Click the photos in the diary sections on Dublin, Wicklow, and Glendalough. Still many more to come.

Note 1 Vintondale reader Bonnie Hunter Lucas pointed out that the postcard slide show didn't work for her. I believe the problem is one all, or most, America Online subscribers may have. Their browser seems to be Java impaired. So for all those who do not have Java integrated into their browsers, I've added a "manual" link line to the "slide shows," both the postcards of Early Nanty Glo, Vintondale, and Big Bend, and the Ireland ones. Clicking the "CLICK HERE" link will take you to the next postcard, but you'll have to adjust your window size on your own (Java opens a presized widow to fit the postcard for those who have Java). Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing any part of the Nanty Glo Home Page site.

Thursday, September 17 1998

Latest additions to site—Washington mission recalled

Nantyglo, Wales, checks in again.

Note 2 Former Nanty Glo Councilmember Paul Lonergan brought this photo of a historic mission from Nanty Glo to the Nation's Capital to our scan-in at the library recently.

Note 1 Rob James drops a line to the Forum to see how the other Nanty Glo is doing.

Tuesday, September 15 1998

Latest additions to site—Controversy on the Forum letters page.

Recalling the 'good old days' at Blacklick Township High School.

Note 2 It's every editor's dream...a big bruhaha to get readers interested! Francis Ondriezek threw down the gauntlet, saying this area is basically done for, and now several others take up the cudgel.

Note 1 Linda Rae (Watson) Silbaugh contributed the latest essay to the Forum, saying in essence that things were sweeter in the 'sixties. At least that's the way she remembers them.

Monday, September 14 1998

Latest additions to site—Postcards from the Past.

Ireland travel diary; complete text.

Note 3 Fourteen historic postcards from the collection of Bill Martin, Nanty Glo Journal bureau chief and unofficial borough historian, are now accessible in a "slide show" by clicking the link on the Home Page. Eventually, I expect to make other uses of these or many of them, but for now you can enjoy them all in one presentation. There are four postcard "greetings" yet to be placed, also dating back to the early days of the Valley.

Note 2 The journal kept by my brother Tom as we toured Ireland August 27-September 2 is now online in our travel section. Accompanying photos should be added over the next couple of days. My own comments are also added to the text, in a contrasting color type.

Note 1 A couple of observations. There's always a strong argument made that living in Western Pennsylvania is significantly more economical than living most other places, especially the San Francisco Bay Area (where I am), where real estate prices are the highest in America. So how come photocopies at Giant Eagle are 20 cents each but only 15 cents here, at Lucky? And how come the same breakfast I eat at McDonald's whenever I can is 30 cents more there than it is here? Competition may be a sufficient answer in both cases. One thing your McDonald's still has that ours doesn't is sensible coffee cups. You still have the traditional McDonald's styrofoam (which I've always maintained is one of the great inventions of human culture); we've been asked to live with scalding hot paper cups in the name of "gourmet cafe blend" coffee, a supposed improvement on McDonald's familiar blend. Nonsense. The coffee is a little bit better, but the inferior cup more than offsets the improvement.

Be grateful for Sheetz, even if it did move out of town to what I would call Mundy's Corner. No one else has such convenient convenience stores. But Robyn's is good, too; better than anything trying to fill that niche here in Silicon Valley.

Francis Ondriezek makes some strong arguments in his recent letter on our Forum. Many agree with him that that area is dying; even the Johnstown Water Authority seems to say as much on its home page. Though he makes good points, I don't agree. There is some decline in some areas, but there is also improvement and even growth in others. The boom is over and there's no reason for there to be a new one there, but not only will the cities and towns in that area be good places for the elderly to retire, they'll continue to be better than most urban areas for raising families. So there will always be a Nanty Glo, and a Vintondale, Belsano and Twin Rocks. Cardiff...I'm not too sure about. No, of course I'm just kidding.

Okay, that's my two cents. What's yours?

Friday, September 11 1998

Latest additions to site—Playing catch-up.

Note 1 The Weather Channel (linked from the Home Page) says it's now 72 degrees, sunny, and with a relative humidity of 43 percent in greater Johnstown. Sounds like a repeat of the previous Friday, when I was all over the hills around Nanty Glo, and the valley as well, taking pictures for use here. Now if I could just get up the momentum to take them to K-mart for processing, we might have something!

I hope to put online the first of the pictures brought in at last Saturday's library get-together before the end of today. Stay tuned!

Though there were innumerable days like last Friday while I was growing up in Blacklick Valley, I had begun to think you had to live there to see them, as I don't remember ever once, until this visit, returning to "perfect weather" after I'd moved out west. I was looking forward to taking in my first Cambria County Fair since leaving the Journal, but when the inevitable rains came on Monday with the Fair's opening, I lost interest in that undertaking.

I check the weather for that area almost daily, and the five-day forecasts are almost always dominated by at least partial cloudiness. Pennsylvania has that, and a lot more, in common with Ireland, which is part of the reason I guess the Emerald Isle has become my favorite overseas destination. Ireland is scenic almost everywhere you turn, like Pennsylvania. But whereas Charlie Schwab's reservoir "castle" at Loretto is about the only one you see on the Pennsylvania skyline, Ireland's landscape is dotted with castles, most of them—even the famous Blarney—ruins. Many Irish ruins date as far back as the fifth century, and the island was inhabited even centuries before the Christian era.

I grew up tending to think of Ireland as dark and medieval, but it's a wonderful tapestry of modernity juxtaposed against the ancient. Though I half-jokingly compared Ireland's highways to India's, Ireland has indoor plumbing now virtually everywhere—probably at least as total as Pennsylvania's; India's toilet for the vast majority is still the fields, without so much as an outhouse. In a McDonald's in Cork (and no, we didn't plan to eat at McDonald's intentionally!) we saw something I've seen nowhere else. The lavatory in the men's room was one you put your hands in and hold them there until a glob of liquid soap falls down on them. Hold them a little longer and water pours out. Keep them there and an air dryer starts drying them in the same position. A local lad had to proudly explain how it works to my brother, who'd never seen such a modern gol-durn contraption before. Hay in Ireland is baled in very large plastic-wrapped cubes. That's probably mainly because there's a shortage of barn storage for livestock feed; almost all buildings there are built of concrete, the woods being relatively scarce. But only one time did we see a hayfield with the old peaked haymows made famous in movies like The Quiet Man with John Wayne as an Irish boxer who returns to the island after a jarring experience in the ring (rent it if you haven't seen it; it's an Academy-Award winner which is delightful for seeing how Ireland was in the '40's, but is only seen now in the country's numerous folk museums).

I started all this to say that we were equally as lucky in Ireland on this trip, with only one rainy day of the seven we spent there, where it's usually the other way around.

Thursday, September 10 1998

Latest additions to site—The webmaster returns.

Note 1 Your webmaster got into San Jose on time via American Airlines from Baltimore-Washington International yesterday morning, and had a 20-hour day after a virtually sleepless night the night before, before getting a chance to rest, but I'm back.

The visit to Blacklick Valley last Friday through Tuesday was wonderful. A hearty thank you to all who visited our open house in the Nanty Glo Library Saturday morning. It wasn't a large crowd—maybe a dozen visitors in all—but there was lots to do, scanning photos and documents and answering questions and renewing some old acquaintances. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Library, in the former Wolf Furniture building, is light and airy and seems well stocked with books, publications, videotapes, children's material and even high tech gear for accessing the Internet and doing papers and presentations. Congratulations to the library staff and the Valley on such a worthy resource, and my thanks to the librarians for their gracious hospitality and help. Also thanks to volunteer Ron Weekes for his help for people wanting information about Internet access, which he does regularly but was especially helpful during those busy two hours.

The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, the Nanty Glo Journal, and the Ebensburg Mountaineer-Herald all carried the press release concerning our visit, the Tribune-Democrat turning it into the lead article for last week's Tech section. That especially brought a lot of response from new visitors to the page, and the emails will start appearing on the Forum letters page as I'm able to process them later today. I also plan to put the articles online soon, but there's so much processing to do now on my return that I feel like I'm backed up to Christmas! The guestbook has also had many new visitors lately as a result of all the publicity; be sure to check that out.

Our trip, which included a week in Ireland before coming to Pennsylvania, came off with narry a hitch, for which my brother Tom (traveling companion to Ireland) and I thank the good Lord. Traveling in Ireland was very time-intensive, however. The advisories in the Daytrips Ireland book that I read before going that you can expect to average only 20 to 30 miles an hour driving in the scenic areas proved very true, and we failed to see many sites on our itinerary (which existed only fuzzily in my mind, anyway). Drving on the wrong side of the road, shifting gears with the left hand and sitting on the right side of the vehicle were challenges, but as my son Kevin said when I mentioned my trepidation about it, when you have to do something like that, you just do it. It was no nightmare, but we might have been in deep trouble a couple of times if Tom hadn't spoken up to tell me I was starting out on the wrong side of the road!

Obviously, my plan to send regular updates on our tour of Ireland for our travel section didn't work. I got only one minor one sent, from an Internet cafe in Dublin. Would have sent one from Cork, as I walked a half hour from our B&B to a cafe over a pub but found it closed at 9 p.m., 10 minutes before my arrival. You can't close an Internet pub at 9 p.m.! Since I didn't get to do that, I'll now be adding brother Tom's daily journal entries until the entire "book" is online, probably one day per day in real time. I have to type his handwritten and photocopied memoir, and I'm fast but there are just too many other details to attend to expect more than that!

More coming soon. Check back here tomorrow please.

Wednesday, August 26 1998

Latest additions to site—Movie review: Regeneration, a British film about a World War 1 poet and war resistor.

Note 2 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes gives Regeneration two-and-a-half stars.

Note 1 And we're off. If it proves feasible, we'll make some uploads from Ireland and then the Nanty Glo Public Library. Otherwise, it may be a week or two before you see anything new here.

Tuesday, August 25 1998

Latest additions to site—Movie review: Ever After, a reworking, without animation, of the Cinderella story.

Note 1 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes says Drew Barrymore as the poor stepdaughter destined to marry a prince steals the show, and he gives Ever After three stars.

Monday, August 24 1998

Latest additions to site—Movie review: Your Friends and Neighbors, from the director of In the Company of Men comes a new tale of sexual intrigue and betrayal.

Note 1 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes gives Your Friends and Neighbors his second-best endorsement, with three-and-a-half stars.

Sunday, August 23 1998

Latest additions to site—Event planned: Meet the webmaster, Saturday, Sept. 5.

Note 1 Your webmaster plans to be in the Blacklick Valley over Labor Day weekend, and would enjoy meeting any readers of the home page or old friends in general at the Nanty Glo Public Library between 10 a.m. and noon on Sept. 5. Bring along anything you'd like to have scanned, like old or newsy photographs or clippings, and we'll add those to the Home Page site, and you can take them back home with you the same day. Email me before August 26 (after which date I'll be out of touch for a while) if you'd like further info.

Saturday, August 22 1998

Latest additions to site—Movie review: Blade, the latest vampire tale.

Note 1 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes says Wesley Snipes makes Jackie Chan look like a wimp by comparison in this movie, and gives Blade two-and-a-half stars.

Friday, August 21 1998

Latest additions to site—Movie reviews: Dance with Me, a Latin soap opera with too much drama, not enough dance.

Note 1 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes is back from vacation, hurrah, hurrah, which means we should be having new material almost every day again. Until I go on vacation which, unfortunately, is set to begin next week. Anyway, Steve gives his first post-vacation film Dance with Me only two stars; for an inauspicious return.

Thursday, August 20 1998

Latest additions to site—Latest McMullen introduced.

Shaw home page is new again.

Note 1 The 17th great-grandchild of Mr. Nanty Glo, "Shorty" McMullen, Rosie, was introduced at the recent McMullen reunion.

Note 2 If you're thinking of doing a home page for your family, this one on the Nanty Glo site would be a good one to imitate.

Tuesday, August 11 1998

Latest additions to site—The Shaw Family home page.

Note 1 The descendants of Clinton Guy Shaw and Annie Elizabeth Delehunt Shaw are the second area family to take up the Nanty Glo Home Page's offer of a free personal home page site. Their family reunion is coming up this weekend, near Belsano. Check it out!

Note 2 If you've been missing them as much as I have, I should let you know our film reviews are on hiatus while reviewer Steve Rhodes is on vacation.

Sunday, August 2 1998

Latest additions to site—A new look for the home page itself.

Note 1 A lot of little "tweaks" add up to a fresh look. Click just about anywhere (except on the Guestbook logo) to go where you want to go today.

Thursday, July 30 1998

Latest additions to site—Mr. Nanty Glo, Lloyd McMullen, is remembered in latest Forum entry.

Note 1 One of his relatives can't think of Nanty Glo without remembering him, and vice versa. And there's good reason; he was active in, if not founder of, just about everything that happened during Nanty Glo's peak years.

Monday, July 27 1998

Latest additions to site—Library Catalog Engine makes it easier to search over 7000 books online.

Movie review: The Parent Trap remake of Disney's 1961 classic.

Note 2 A new "engine" on the library page makes it possible to enter Twain, Mark, or Tom Sawyer and find Twain's online works or his novels with Tom Sawyer in their title directly. Hundreds of other authors' works are also available, from Charles Dickens and Edgar Allen Poe to John Bunyan and Louisa May Alcott.

Note 1 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes says The Parent Trap remake is better than the original, utterly charming for all ages, sexes, and conditions of mankind, and gives it the enviable three-and-a-half stars on his scale of four. Lindsay Lohan, the red-haired freckle-faced actress who plays both twins, is the best new actor he's seen in years, Rhodes enthuses.

Friday, July 24 1998

Latest additions to site—Two movie reviews: Buffalo 66 and The Negotiator.

Note 1 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes gives Buffalo 66 only one-and-a-half stars, but is more enthusiastic about The Negotiator, with Danny Glover and Kevin Spacey. It gets a coveted three-and-a-half stars on Steve's scale of four.

Thursday, July 23 1998

Latest additions to site—Two movie reviews and an offer of free web page design.

Note 2 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes gives Doctor Dolittle only two stars, and the Mafia sendup from the makers of Airport, two-and-a-half. The animals are often hilarious but the Homo sapiens get in the way of the former, and some of the laughs are too crude in the latter, but on the whole it's fun, he says.

Note 1 Now get free design for your free home page! You'd like to have your own home page, but don't know how to create it and all the helps you've looked at are as understandable as hieroglyphics. Actually, after having only one taker in almost a year of offering free home pages, I'm not sure you do want one, but I'm still a believer and would like to make you one, too. Maybe being remembered is something you'd rather do with granite. But wouldn't you like to research ancestors, meet people who share your hobbies or interests, let your old classmates get in touch and find out how you're doing? I know...I know.... At any rate, the excuse that you don't know how to make your own home page won't work any longer, because now a complete stranger is willing to do it for you, at absolutely no charge. She says it's her hobby. Whatever the reason, you can check her out at, and send her an email from there to ask what's the catch. I already did that and was told there's no catch, though there are some conditions (like nothing offensive is allowed, but you already knew that, right?). So now what's your excuse? Oh, and if you do take her up on her offer, be sure to send me your new web address once your page is online (she even takes care of providing the space for your page, also free).

Wednesday, July 22 1998

Latest additions to site— Washington Post story features man with valley ties.

Note 1 Andrew Debona, a former resident of Ebensburg with ties in the Vintondale area, was the commander of a Marine who was mortally wounded in Vietnam, and whose dramatic story is being told in the Washington Post this week. Ray Hunter, who grew up in Rexis (across the Indiana County line from Vintondale), wrote: "The article is entitled 'Peace Church' and is about Robert Sutter's recent journey to Vietnam to try and resolve his feelings about his brother Richard, a Marine, who was killed there in 1967. ...To make a long story short, the Marine's Company Commander at that time was an Ebensburg man whose name is Andy Debona. Andy's aunt and uncle lived across the road from me in Rexis and I knew Andy, although not very well. Andy is a retired and highly decorated (he was awarded the Navy Cross in Vietnam, which is second only to the Medal of Honor) Marine colonel now living in Montana. I spoke with Andy this week and sent him a copy of the Post article...." The above link will take you to the online version of the article, which appeared in the Post in three sections, Sunday through Tuesday. The references to Debona begin on page 3 of the first section. Post features are available for free online access for several days after their appearance, after which time there is a charge to access them.

Tuesday, July 21 1998

Latest additions to site—Movie Review: Madeline Girls' school uniforms have never been more effectively used.

New Guestbook: Click here if you'd like to sign it!

Note 2 Though nothing much happens, Nanty Glo Home Page film reviewer Steve Rhodes describes this as a nearly perfect film adaptation of the Madeline stories. He gives it two-and-a-half stars on his scale of four.

Note 1 As those who've been paying attention already know, I was dissatisfied with our former guestbook's promotion of gambling at online casinos. I guess I'm old fashioned, but I think if something is evil, like gambling, it should neither be done nor endorsed, and certainly not where children using the home page may be enticed to try it. Then today, the advert atop the old guest book had a vulgar word flashing off and on...certainly not one I'm above using on occasion, but nevertheless one I don't want greeting visitors to my home page or rooms directly related to it. I looked around for a new guestbook and found one that appears to be a cut above. I hope it will remain so, though the lure of lurid advertising is, I'm sure, hard to resist.

The former guestbook entries are archived here. There's also a link in my welcome letter on the new guestbook (the "read" page) and on our Forum Letters page.

Monday, July 20 1998

Latest additions to site—Nanty Glo-begone: Finally, a fourth column in the series How a local homemaker-hero saved Blacklick Valley (money on calls to Johnstown).

A map that locates Nantyglo, Wales Link has been added to our Nantyglo, Wales, page.

Note 2 Mapquest doesn't allow us to freely show their maps on our site as the Mapblast and Expediamaps services do. So the best we can do is provide a link to Mapquest's site, the only one we've found with random European locations accessible online.

Note 1 We stumbled on this "news" story—what's it matter that it happened in 1980?—and had to share it with the virtual community. People who moved away as long ago as I did might not know that calls from the Nanty Glo exchange to Johnstown are no longer toll calls. What's even more surprising is how this local homemaker fought a major utility and won!

Friday, July 17 1998

Latest additions to site—Movie Review: The Mask of Zorro Zorro/s and the peasants are good guys; the rich are bad guys. That's all you need to know.

Note 2 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes says this PG-13-rated swashbuckle is confusing, and gives it only two-and-a-half stars on his four-star scale.

Note 1 We've also updated Steve Rhodes' movie review department home page, with new stills from current movies.

Thursday, July 16 1998

Latest additions to site—Movie Review: There's Something About Mary From the makers of Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin comes the hilarious comedy with Ben Stiller as a nerd on the make and Cameron Diaz as his target.

Movie Review: Saving Private Ryan Steven Spielberg's best film since Schindler's List.

Improvements to the Forum Letters page An index has been added.

Note 3 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes says this comedy with lots of toilet humor is the funniest film since Private Parts and give it three-and-a-half stars on his scale of four.

Note 2 Saving Private Ryan gets the rare four stars on Steve Rhodes' scale of four.

Note 1 The Forum Letters page has been cleaned up, and there's now an index of all the letters sent in since our launch last September. They're arranged alphabetically by writer, with the topics alongside, listed from first to latest. Click in the upper right corner of the page header.

Tuesday, July 14 1998

Latest additions to site—Movie Review: The X Files The Fox Channel's enigmatic creature feature comes to the big screen.

Movie Review: Out of Sight More time among novelist Elmore Leonard's quirky lowlifes.

Letter to the Forum A mystery is solved.

Note 3 Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes gives this blow up of the TV series two-and-a-half stars on his scale of four.

Note 2 "Jonway" reveals his identity.

Note 1 This is the best of a recent spate of Leonard novel adaptations to the big screen, Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes says, giving it three starts on his scale of four.

Monday, July 13 1998

Latest additions to site—Bill Hartack - Blacklick Valley's most famous athlete.

Note 1 Hartack left his father's farm north of Belsano to become a jockey at age 17, and within eight years had won 341 races and $3 million.

Sunday, July 12 1998

Latest additions to site—Two new letters to Nanty Glo Forum!

Note 1 One writer protests; another seeks information on C&I Railroad.

Friday, July 10 1998

Latest additions to site—Join our Email Forum! Get notices when new material is added; correspond with other Nanty Glo Home Page readers. It's free!

Ireland bound: Another great letter on things to see and do in Ireland.

Movie Review: Small Soldiers The new kids film rated PG-13 for violence and profanity.

Note 2 Our most important New Addition since the Nanty Glo Home Page began. For the 10 months since we started the Home Page, we've wanted to provide, free, a more interactive communications forum. Now we have it. If you've been on any email forum list, as I have for the past four years, you know the fun they can be as well as the educational and help aspects they can provide. Email forums on the topics that interest me most have enhanced my life tremendously. I've made new friends and expanded my thinking in many ways. Unlike chat rooms, email forums do not tend to reduce the conversation to sleeze, but just the opposite!
Enter your email address below, then click the 'Join List' button:
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As a member of the Nanty Glo email forum, when you sign on to your email program each day, all the mail that has been sent to the list will come into your mail box. You can look at the topic or the sender and discard it without opening, if you want, but you can also read each piece and write back regarding those that interest you, or create new questions to ask the whole list based on ideas you get from reading others. You can discuss what it was like growing up in the Valley in the '30s, '40s, '50s, '60s, '70s or '80s, or what it's like growing up now, in the '90s. Talk about the improvements, and the losses as the population has shifted. Talk about the latest in Cambria County politics, social changes like strip clubs and pornography, religion and education.

It's my hope that the new Nanty Glo Home Page Email Forum is going to be the best addition yet. Sign up now—it's free and it's fun.

Note 1 Nanty Glo Home Page film reviewer Steve Rhodes gives Small Soldiers, about live toy soldiers, three stars; his nine-year-old son Jeffrey gives it four.

Thursday, July 9 1998

Latest additions to site—New letter to Nanty Glo Forum Do you remember Emmaline Minerva Hawksworth?

New letter to Theophilus Reader is on a similar journey.

Days of week added to dateline

Note 3 Adam Barr's grandmother was part of long-gone Nanty Glo institution for c. 25 years.

Note 2 Woody Haynes cites C. H. Spurgeon's attitude on predestination/freewill.

Note 1 We have also added the day of the week to our Home Page JavaScript dateline. EXTRA! EXTRA! The ways of the web are sometimes past comprehension, but for some unknown reason, making this change also changed the appearance of the header in Netscape! Now it matches the neater appearance in Explorer (well, the type font still isn't right, but it's a big step in the right direction).

Tuesday, July 7 1998

Latest additions to site—Lookup link to MapBlast

New links to Ireland

Note 2 Now you can quickly open a map to any location in the United States by entering the address, or as much of the address as you have, in the blanks on the bottom of the home page. Though we want to keep the home page as neat and uncluttered as possible, we also want to make it your portal to the worldwide web, bringing to it the search tools you're most likely to need. We think maps are an appropriate addition to the web search and dictionary lookups that have already been part of the Nanty Glo Home Page.

Note 1 Our Ireland-bound travel page now includes a list of Irish web sites to enable you to take your own cybertour of the Emerald Isle.

Saturday, July 4 1998

Latest additions to site—Happy Birthday, USA

Friday, July 3 1998

Latest additions to site—Letters: Who am I? | Things to see in Ireland. A Nanty Glo native still recaptures his or her youth with every visit. A Brit recommends sites to see in Ireland.

Note 1 See if you can identify the mystery writer (we haven't been able to). And a British surfer who dropped by after reading our review of Brassed Off stuck around long enough to recommend sites to visit in Ireland.

Thursday, July 2 1998

Latest additions to site—Clean-up of the home image map. Things were too cluttered and crowded. I hope it looks somewhat better.

Note 1 An "image map" in the language of the Internet is a picture or graphic that has coordinates mapped on it which, when clicked, take you to another page on the worldwide web. Our main image map is the big green square you see when you open the Nanty Glo Home Page, with a rough facsimile of the Blacklick Creek flowing through it (okay—it hasn't been that blue since 1910!) and approximations of Second, Chestnut, and Shoemaker Streets. It also has a lot of type captions on it, and you've probably discovered long ago that if you click on just about any word or phrase it will take you to the cyber version of whatever is described (Blacklick Township; Nantyglo, Wales; Vintondale; the library; even Ebensburg). Each of the logos atop our section pages (like the one atop this page) are also image maps; if you click "Nanty Glo Home Page" on any of them, it should take you back to the home page.

Today's only significant addition to the site is to clean up our main image map. We've put more space between the row of icons taking visitors to sites like "Tourism" and "Family Tree" and the links below them, like "Movies" and "Religion and Ethics." That's a visual help to realizing that there are actually two rows of links there. We've removed the link to "additional lookup links" that was there yesterday, because it had been redundant for some months, since we had moved the Alta Vista search engine and Merriam Webster Dictionary links to the bottom of the home page itself and put a text link to the other lookup engines with them. We moved the HTML Tutorial (which has generated not a single line of interest for any reader :-(), to the position formerly occupied by "additional lookup links."

Finally, and really most importantly, we repaired the JavaScript map link. Now when you click on the "Maps" icon on the image map, a pre-sized window opens, showing the first of four maps of Nanty Glo and environs, which rotate through. A buggy feature of JavaScripts, specially when they're part of an image map, is they tend to age and get corrupted. That happened several weeks ago with the Maps JavaScript, but now it should work fine again. Be sure to tell me if you encounter anything that looks quirky or doesn't work. Thanks!

And one more thing. As yesterday was the beginning of the third quarter of 1998, we've lobbed off all the updates from the second quarter and linked them below, in order to keep these webmaster chats at a manageable size, so it doesn't take forever to load them. The diaries of the first two quarters are both linked below.

Wednesday, July 1 1998

Latest additions to site—New Theophilus column. In answer to popular demand, Theophilus gives a step-by-step account of his journey to Orthodoxy.

Video Review: The Hunt for Red October The 1990 film of Tom Clancey's spy novel.

Note 2 A reader asked for details of our journey from evangelicalism to the ancient church, so here they are.

Note 1 This film rates an exceptional three-and-a-half stars on Nanty Glo Home Page reviewer Steve Rhodes' scale of four.

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