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Moose annual kids' fishing tourney

May 11, 2002

The 10th annual kids' fishing tournament sponsored by the Nanty Glo chapter of the Loyal Order of Moose was held earlier today at the Blue Goose Sportsman's Club in Blacklick Township, and drew approximately 50 participants under the age 15 (the age limit). The catch limit was three fish per child and the pond was stocked with nearly 200 trout, some as big as 14 inches. Refreshments were served and as the photos make evident and the photographer, Judy Rose, attests, the kids and their parents had lots of fun.

Above, from left: Christopher Gearhart, Joel Gearhart, Alexandra Gearhart, Dakota Altimus, and Kyle Gearheart.

Above right: Seth Rummel, Brad Moseley, and CortneyWeimer.

Above: Brittany Waldron, age 2, and Timothy Boback, age 10.

Right: Christine Newcomer, age 1, was the youngest angler.

Above: This group of entrants, taking a break from the fishing, dispersed before names could be obtained.

Right: the event's organizers, Toby Kimack and Rick Malcotti.

Below: waiting patiently for the big one to strike.


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