August 22 1998            

Meet the webmaster event scheduled

Nanty Glo Home Page webmaster Jon Kennedy, who resides in San Jose, Calif., is scheduled to visit the Blacklick Valley over the Labor Day holiday and is hoping to meet informally with readers of the Home Page at the Nanty Glo Public Library on Roberts Street between 10 a.m. and noon on Saturday, Sept. 5. The purpose of the meetings will be to discuss how the web page can be improved and features that might be added. Individuals may come any time during the two-hour meeting period and leave whenever they wish. Also, by arrangement with the library, Kennedy will scan any photographs or historic documents local residents would like to add to the home page, and those planning to come are encouraged to bring photographs or clippings for that purpose.

"The Nanty Glo Home Page has been a tremendous success since it was introduced a year ago," Kennedy said, "and it's my hope that it can continue to grow to serve the community both as a source of permanent vital information and a place for exchanges of ideas and comments." Besides a permanent place on the Internet's worldwide web, the Home Page recently started an email forum which anyone with an interest in the Blacklick Valley can subscribe to and send and receive electronic mail messages to and from others with similar interests. There is no charge to access the Home Page or to link a personal home page to it, or to subscribe to the email forum. The Home Page is a noncommercial venture with no advertising.

Besides the Nanty Glo page, there are separate pages attached to it for Vintondale and Blacklick Township. One of the most popular features is the reminiscences on the section called the Nanty Glo Forum. It includes topics like the history of Nanty Glo, Halloween customs in Belsano in the 1950's, and recollections of Nanty Glo Old Home Weeks.

Kennedy said his vacation was planned around visiting the Valley in order to enhance the Home Page, and he and both of his brothers also plan to be present at the Vintondale Homecoming that weekend. Jon Kennedy was born in Vintondale and his brothers Tom and Bob completed most of their public schooling there when their father was employed at the Vintondale Mine in the 1940s.

For additional information contact the Nanty Glo Library at 749-0111.

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