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The Hagens family in 19__ while on furlough in the United States. Youngest son Loy is front and center, flanked by his parents Lucille and Pete. In back are Lee, Jeri, and Jed.

Lucille “Lucy” Beistel Hagens is a Vintondale native who, with her husband Leland “Pete” Hagens and their family, were missionaries to Africa for eighteen years. Writing recollections and occasional poetry has long been one of her interests, and the Home Page is pleased to be able to present some of her writings. In response to a request for more background information, Lucille writes:

Pete and I went to Africa in 1961 and came home in 1979. We pastored prior to going to Africa and pastored after returning home. We retired in 1995.

When we went to Africa we went first to Nyasaland. It is now called Malawi. We then transferred to Northern Rhodesia, which is now Zambia. Both countries received their independence while we lived there. We transferred back and forth during our service.

The last position Pete held was as president of our Nazarene Bible College in Limbe, Malawi. We both taught in the school in the ChiNanja language. Not much use being a missionary if you can't speak the language of the people you work with.

Elder son, Jed (Leland, Jr.)

When we went to Africa we had three children. While there our third son was born in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi. He was our fifth child. One son had died about three years before we went to Africa. Africa is the only place we served, other than churches in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Kentucky. We are members of the Church of the Nazarene. The headquarters are located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Before entering the ministry, after four years at Transylania Bible School in Freeport, Pa., we were members of the church in Nanty Glo.


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§ Lucille and Pete now live in retirement in Berea, Kentucky.

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