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Valley once boasted
famous railroad


It served mines in Nanty Glo, Revloc, and Cardiff. There was an article back in the '50s in Reader's Digest saying it was the most prosperous railroad in the USA. It had only 20 miles of track, I would guess. They owned about 200 to 300 gondola cars or hopper cars, which they were sometimes called, and eight to 10 steam locomotives, their repair and maintainence shop in the Cardiff area. They pushed all the loaded cars onto Pennsylvania RR sidings in Nanty Glo for shipment to their final destinations. As they handled the shipment first, they received most of the shipping costs; it was a money-making deal for the C&I [Cambria & Indiana] Railroad. They probably handled about 300 loaded cars a day. (I'm sure that someone with more knowhow than I could find the article in the Reader's Digest files.)

Tom Hawksworth

Webmaster's note: Tom reports that he recently suffered a "lite stroke." Our best wishes to him for a complete recovery.



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