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Death of Helen Anodide brings more memories;...and about that mink farm...

Hi Jon,

Another chapter of old and lingering memories of Nanty Glo flashed before me with word that my aunt Helen (Charney) Anodide passed away on April 2, 1999, at the age of 83. She spent her early years in Nanty Glo, but resided in Somerset, Pa., for most her life. Her husband, Tony Anodide, also grew up in Nanty Glo in the Lincoln section (incidentally there was once a Lincoln Coal Company Store) and died in 1982. He was manager of the Penn Furniture Store in Somerset for years. A family album shows pictures (circa,1935) of my aunt at 19 years of age, still unmarried, posing with a 3-year-old (me) on the Nanty Glo Blacklick Creek bridge. Aunt Helen and Uncle Tony with three youngsters, a boy and two girls, travelled frequently from Somerset on many Sundays in the 1940s to visit my parents in Nanty Glo. They took old Route 219 that did not bypass Johnstown, and was a long, winding trip from Somerset. Those were still the days when families frequently exchanged visits, and maintained close ties.

Aunt Helen never considered herself a senior citizen, and travelled frequently in her later years to California and Washington State to visit her children. I recall her once telling a 10-year-younger brother at a bus station, "Do you know that you are entitled to the senior discount rate?" She said nothing about herself and did not take the discount. Three brothers, Mike (my father), Alex, and Nick preceded her in death. An older brother, John Charney who resides in Detroit, is the last surviving member of an old Nanty Glo family. She is also survived by one son and three daughters, and numerous grandchildren, nieces and nephews. She will always be remembered as a loving and caring mother and grandmother, and a wonderful aunt.

To Paul Simendinger....Andy Olenick, my wife's deceased brother, did try the mink business. Andy worked and moved to Ohio when the mink business proved to be unprofitable. Unfortunately, I never met Andy, but I heard he was a wonderful guy. The Admiral Peary Vocational School rests on Andy's mink farm property today. Another brother, Charles Olenick, who resides in Waco, Texas, also sends his greetings.

You were just ahead of me with your recollection of Book's Market and Charlie Skalarsky, the shoemaker. (Ask Charlie if your shoes of several weeks ago were repaired yet, and he'd say he would get started immediately). Their stores were located on Roberts Street across from St. Mary's School. Charlie lived into his nineties and passed away about two or three years ago. To the list add Grezek's and Soyka's Markets, and also Burgess' Greenhouse.

Best Wishes,
Frank Charney

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