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Still more excellent historical details

Tom Hawksworth gave a lot of info on the operation of the conpany stores. The Heisley store was located on Shoemaker Street aand moved to Lloyd street when Webster (Cambria Mercantile Co.) curtailled thieir operation and moved across the strret to smaller quarters.. My father was the manager of the store at that time. Dermott Myers was the butcher (he later went to Wissinger's Market) and Viola Rogers was a clerk.

What an interesting page this has become. It's fun to read about the town in its better days. Here are a few more to whet the appetite: ...Dietrich Hardware...Bookie's Market (Mr. Abe Book)... «harlie's Shoe Repair Shop (Charles Sklarfsky)...Taskey's Pool Hall (Joe Taskey—Joe was also a floor sander). Suchmann's Jewelry ...Kelly's News Stand...Labash bar and Rainbow Room...The Wagon Wheel (later the Sons of Italy)...Elizabeth Hair Salon...Rinehart Pharmacy (on Robert's Street, then Chesnut). The Cozy Corner (former Webster Company Store). I'm sure we will hear a lot about these interesting locations.

To Frank Charney...I did know your wife, and I worked with Andy (tell us about his mink farm).

Enough for now...Keep up the good work.

Paul Simendinger

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