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Rail Ghosts on the Trail?

Letter No. 9 | December 25 1997

My curiosity got the best of me when I ran into Jim Nipps, an old friend, who told me there was a Nanty-Glo homepage. I am truly impressed.

I was born and raised in Nanty-Glo and graduated from Nanty-Glo Vintondale H.S. in 1966. I have returned on occasion to visit my Uncle Dick Millward and family. The changes the town has endured the last 30 years are remarkable.

Just walking the "Gost Town Trail" and reliving the coal trains coming in on the tracks that were there blew me away. I recently moved to the Hagerstown area from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and almost felt that I was back in Nanty-Glo when I heard the whine of a train whistle at midnight. I was strangely soothed by the rush of memories that train whistle brought back. For those of you that can remember, listen at night for that ghost whistle along the Ghost Town Trail, and relish the memories that return.

Joe Millward
email: JoeMill45@AOL.com

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