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Love what you've
done for N-G!

My brother still lives in N-G, so he introduced me to your page. I love it. With this page you could make N-G a tourist mecca. It is still as quaint as it used to be. When I go out to Colorado skiing, I'm enthralled with the old mines, etc. N-G is as charming as that.

My brother is Richard Hakanen. He owned Lindsay Insurance (married Barbara Lindsay). I am Donna Hakanen McCotter. Graduated in the class of '51. Graduated from University of Florida in 1958. Married my husband Dick in '58. He is a retired Ford dealer (McCotter Ford) here in Titusville, Fl. He also graduated from Uof F.

My other brothers are David, (older) Richard, class of '54, and J.C., class of '56, I think. We all grew up in N-G. Of course, I haven't lived there since l954.

Just had to tell you how great this page is. I have it in my "favorite places." I guess everyone gets to the age when they start to reminisce. I can always go back because Richard and Barbara live in the house where we all grew up. It's on Roberts Street. I haven't looked at everything you have on this N-G page, but put some of the pictures of old homes on if you haven't already. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

Blessing be upon you.
Donna McCotter

Webmaster's note: Thanks for a good suggestion. If anyone will send me a street address of a house they'd like pictured (also in Blacklick Township and in Vintondale) I will try to get it next time I'm in the area. I agree, also, that the Valley is not realizing its great potential for tourism. —Jon Kennedy


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