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But the Liberty Theater was the Grand!

In reply to Frank Charney.... You were not incorrect in referrng to the [Liberty] Theater as the "Grand." That was its name before the Liberty. I believe it was changed when Joe DeLisi from Ebensburg bought the theatre. It was at the beginning of World War II. He also owned the Capitol... In the "Drive around town" the restaurant was "Hagans'" in the '40's and '50's. Andy Hagan was well liked in town and had a thriving business. Everyone stopped at Hagans' after the show.

You mentioned that your wife was from Revloc. I worked in the company store there from l947 to 1951. My father was "Pete" the butcher, and later asst. mgr. Sam Bankin was the manager. My sister Arlene worked in the post office. I worked in all depts, and I ran the garage at the company store for about two years. I worked at the store in the day and the theatre at night, and I don't regret a moment of it.

My sister married Don McKinnon from Revloc. He was in the navy and they moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she still lives. Don has passed away, about 10 years ago... Hope this info will be of help in the history of our little town.

Paul Simendinger


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