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Inside dope on some one-time theaters

  My brother in law (Paul Ceria) alerted me to the Nanty Glo web page. I lived in Nanty Glo from 1931 until 1954. Attended St Mary's for eight years, high school...then spent some army time....(Korean War), returned home. After a short time I married Caroline Ceria, and moved to Florida. We returned to the area where I managed the Rivoli Theatre in Altoona, the State Theatres in Ambridge and Aliquippa. I then moved to Pittsburgh where I managed the Gateway, Fulton & Fiesta theatres. From City Manager to Advertising Manager to District Manager to Director of Operations.

Retired in 1963 and returned to Florida (Orlando). I was employed in Nanty Glo at the Capitol Theatre and also the Liberty Theatre on Shoemaker Street. I worked under the manager, Thomas Bello. He was there for many years . The cashier was Marion Gailey and the projectionist was Bill Robinson. The Star theatre operated in silent film days and was located on First Street, behind the Capitol.

Needless to say, we visited home often as both our families were there. I still have a brother living in Nanty Glo, a sister in Ebensburg, and a sister in Johnstown, so I still have an interest in the area. Your web page is very interesting and I enjoy reading the news from my home town.

Keep up the good work
....Paul Simendinger

Webmaster's note: Thanks for a letter many will appreciate, and thanks for confirming my suspicion that the "Ranch-House" was not the Grand, but the Liberty. Or am I wrong again? —Jon Kennedy


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