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Tracing Vintondale roots

Letter No. 8 | December 16 1997

I want to thank you for the information you have on the Internet concerning the town of Vintondale, Pa. You see I am doing a genealogy search on my family. My father was a Vintiondale native; as a matter of fact, from what I read on your site, my father's family may very well have been some of the early settlers of the town, although probably not well known.

My grandfather, Charles Robert Kozar, and his sons all worked in the coal mines. I know that my grandparents are buried in SS Peter and Pauls cemetery. I was very saddened to hear that the community was having such a hard time surviving. My father has passed away now but I have managed to locate his remaining brothers and sisters. I am sending them copies I made from the web site on the Internet so that they may know what has become of their home town. I am sure that they will also be sad at what has become of their hometown as they have many memories there. As an after thought, I am sure they would be interested just as I am if their home is still there. They lived at 51 Maple Street.

Helen Kozar Wetzel
email address: jtw1@bellsouth.net

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