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Photo of Fr. John Hacala

The attached file may be of some interest to the web site. As I was digging through some old documents, I found this and quickly scanned it. It is a photo of Father John Hacala, who arrived in Nanty Glo during the late '40s. He was assigned as the "Administrative Assistant" to the Pastor of St. Mary's Church, Father Florence McCarthy. Rev. McCarthy was up in years and Father Hacala acted as the de facto pastor until Father McCarthy died, if my memory serves me correctly.

I do not know what the occasion of the photo was, but the back side lists a menu and states that group singing was to take place, with Florence Safko as the soprano soloist, John Hayes as the tenor, and Catherine Patterson as the accompanist.

I believe Father Hacala died in a car crash traveling toward Indiana. He was a beloved man in his parish, a people's priest. He had a great deal of influence in the moral formation of my life and I am sure many others. He not only was a clergyman, but a solid citizen of Nanty Glo.

I hope this is of some interest.

Paul Ceria


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