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Question about creek reclamation

Nanty Glo web page,

I understand that the state or federal government had designed a program to try to restore the stream that runs through Nanty Glo. If so, I would appreciate information on the restoration plans along with the name of the authority directing the program.

We normally get back to Nanty Glo for a week in summer, and perhaps for a weekend, annually. I am sure that we would all like to see a clean stream, again.

Thanks for the web page, and keep up the good work. After reading the guest page, I can see that the page is much appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Michael J. Sebetich

Webmaster's note: We've had two stories on this topic, the most recent of which was exactly a year ago: February 24 1998, State website updates creek reclamation story and, on January 25 1998, Blacklick Creek reclamation efforts to bring it back to fish habitat level? I haven't heard or seen anything since, but will keep a lookout. Meanwhile, if anyone else has news, please share it or give us the reference. —Jon Kennedy


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