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Movie 'Slapshot' reminds her of home


While going through the newest additions (and the old ones I've missed on the home page), I came across the part about movies and how some of them remind me of home.

Well, I can't think of one that reminds me of "home" more than the old Paul Newman movie "Slapshot." Granted, it wasn't that great of a move all around, but the scenes of Johnstown are great. I watch it whenever I can when it's on the movie classics, and laugh at all the great scenes. Glosser Brother's store in the parade scene at the end, Morley's dog from downtown, all the War Memorial scenes, the Steel Mills. I could keep going on and on. But for those out there that really want to remember what it was like (especially if you don't get a chance to go back often), it's worth the time to rent the movie...just to see home.

Mary Ann

Webmaster's note: It's not a bad movie, either. I'd give it seven points on my 10-point scale, only one of which points is based on local bias. (Honest.) A story about it: I was reviewing movies regularly when it came out, and I had just returned from visiting Western Pennsylvania when I got the invitation to the press screening in San Francisco. As was my practice, I went without reading anything about it first, to have a clean slate. Moments into the movie, the Johnstown railroad station appears, and I shouted (under my breath), “I know that place! I was just there last week!” Johnstown's other movie is one that does deserve minor classic status, All the Right Moves, starring Tom Cruise in a great early role, and Craig T. Nelson in his first role as coach" (so far as I know). It's not only a great Johnstown movie, but a great football movie, probably the best high school football movie ever. And high school football is the best kind, IMHO. Another great movie that has many scenes that you'll think were filmed outside the mills in East Connemaugh (though they are actually from someplace closer to Pittsburgh) is The Deer Hunter; it may be one of the all-time top 10. —Jon Kennedy


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