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More details on Easter photo


I just saw the 1943 photo. Faye Oldman was my next door neighbor, so Mr. Hawksworth's memory is pretty good. Also, Faye's Mother, Maude, played the organ for that Church.

If anyone's memory is real good, they will also remember that [the Methodist] church had chimes connected to the organ. Every time Maude played, the tune was heard on the chimes.

Now a question for you. Are you an illustrator for Disney or is there someone you know who is? Reason for the question is: I have a step-niece who lives in California and will finish high school this year. I am told she is quite good and would like to further her education in that field. Her goal is to work for Disney. So let me know if you are connected to Disney. Then I will pass on your email address to her and her father and maybe they can get some advice. Thank You very much.

Ed Simmers

Webmaster's note: I don't know who started the rumor that I work for Disney, but it must be a rumor because this is the second time I've been asked. I never have worked at Disney Studios, though I live about a mile from their headquarters now. But alas, I'm not even an artist, except with the help of a computer program. However, there is a former Nanty Glo resident working in animation at Disney. He is Michael Kaschalk, and in fact he was the second person to write this page after its launch in September 1997. You can read his letter and see his email address by clicking here.

—Jon Kennedy


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