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Likes the home page music


It's been some time since I've visted at your Nanty Glo site. The music is very soothing and a great addition. Again, a pat on the back is sent via email to you...your hard work is evident.

We've enjoyed having my mother, Gussie (Davis) Taylor, originally from Twin Rocks and now residing in Nanty Glo, with us here in Georgia for the winter. She arrived at the beginning of December and will return to Nanty Glo in March. She left Monday to visit her sister Charlotte, Tatsie (Davis) Wilson in Punta Gorda, Florida, for the next few weeks. When I phoned her yesterday they were all nestled in the jacuzzi. What a life, ha? I'm sure they're having a ball.

Haven't been on line much but hope to be again soon. I'm a public accountant and this is a very busy time for me. Take care and God Bless.

Cindy Divido


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