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My name is Glenn (Pooch) Fuller. I was born and raised in Nanty Glo and graduated from high school there in 1951! My brother Harold & wife Betty (formerly Buige & sister to Elmer) still live there on Second Street.

I worked in Bethlehem Steel after high school till May '54, then spent four years in the US Air Force. Returned to Bethlehem till April '58, then attended Penn State. Spent 5 years in Washington D.C.

My parents moved to Sidman in 1961. I returned there in 1965 and worked at U.S. Steel. Married a girl from Richland Township and lived there till 1971. I moved to Phoenix, AZ (where I am now) in '71. I am now retired, but that doesn't fade my memory of my childhood in Nanty Glo.

I read the letter from Paul Ceria—I was a neighbor of his and his sister graduated from high school with me. I won't rattle on now, but you will hear more from me in the future!


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