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Remembers Nanty Glo's special smell

Good Evening Jon,

I just navigated back in time—to the late 1940s and early '50s—to my recollections of Cambria County. I grew up in Jackson Twp.— went to Mundy's Corner Elementary for three years and the remainder at Vinco. Then in '55 was graduated from Ebensburg-Cambria. Briefly, my life then took me to South Carolina (Columbia Bible College), then to Lost Creek, KY, to teach/help in a small Christian boarding school, then back to Pennsylvania—Delaware County—where I worked in the advertising dept. of "Sunday School Times" and about two other jobs before marrying; after a few years out for child-rearing (one son now in Arizona), I've been working as receptionist in a nearby nursing home for nearly two decades.

When I think of Nanty Glo, unfortunately an odor wafts back to me just as though I were in the area: the "boney dump," which I could tell we were near with my eyes closed. About the only times I went in the area were when I went to Twin Rocks Pilgrim Holiness Church with my counsins—which was often, especially at nights. (My home church was Pike Brethren Church.)

However, if only I'd known then what I know now, I think I might have been more curious: my ancestors lived in the area from about 1820 till about the 1880s. About three years ago I became deeply involved in trying to "dig up" as much about my ancestors as is possible and record it for posterity. Unfortunately, there seems to be no trace of them before 1827. (It was 1963 when I first learned they were from Blacklick Twp.)

This letter is continued in our genealogy department.

Wanda Gillin Barrett

Webmaster's note: Mrs. Barrett has inspired the creation of a new Nanty Glo Home Page feature, a genealogy letters page. This is attached to our Family Tree Page, which has been in exisgtence for some time. We will publish there questions and information submitted about families who have lived in Nanty Glo, Blacklick Township, Vintondale, and as far as Vinco in Jackson Township (only).

—Jon Kennedy

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