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A big hello from Wales

I came across your fascinating site this afternoon, while searching for information on Nant-y-glo, Monmouthshire. I had no idea that there was a Welsh community in Pennsylvania of the same name. [The correct spelling, by the way, is Nant-y-glo, NOT Nanty-glo.] However, I was aware that many thousands of Welsh people left the Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire valleys to work in the anthracite areas of Pennsylvania from the 1850s onwards, especially in Wilkes Barre, Hazleton, Kingston and Scranton. And many Welshmen perished in the Johnstown flood of 1889. I wonder if Nant-y-glo residents are aware of their Welsh connections these days?

Greetings from Wales.

Sincerely yours
Huw Walters
Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru
National Library of Wales

Webmaster's note: Those who read the home page or the Nanty Glo Journal should be aware of our town's Welsh roots, as both sources often refer to them. Also a state sign that stood for decades at the entrance to town and now stands at the head of the biking/hiking trail here, identifies Nanty Glo as "from the Welsh, streams of coal." Welsh influences include Roberts, Davis, and Lloyd streets as well as families of those names. We are in the bituminous coal region, near Johnstown, not the anthracite region near Wilkes Barre. Our county is Cambria, which is the Roman (Latin) name for Wales, and our county seat, Ebensburg, was also founded (a century before Nanty Glo) by Welsh settlers. We are frequently in touch, here on the "page," with Nantyglo, Wales. Both towns seem to have declined with the coal mining industry, and I gather the Welsh town is considerably smaller than the one in Pennsylvania. We're also aware that the "original" spelling is Nant-y-glo, as that is the one used on our municipal building. I had the honor, during my brief tenure as editor of the Journal, of changing the spelling then being used from Nanty-Glo to Nanty Glo. The publisher actually approved changing the masthead of the Journal to reflect that. I was motivated mainly because the school district was then Nanty-Glo-Vintondale and I felt the succession of hyphens was confusing and that, grammatically, the second one made sense but the first one didn't. Though there's never been any official action on that, I notice that the state and the local daily are also now spelling it without the hyphen. Thank you so much for writing; I feel honored to have heard from you.—Jon K.

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