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Nanty Glo man captured by Confederates

My name is Paul Ceria. I currently live in Fayetteville, NC. I graduated with the class of 1959 at NGVHS and was a frequent visitor to many of the places mentioned in the page you created. During the 1950s, my father, Guy Ceria, was chief of police (in the grand force of two officers) in Nanty Glo.

I greatly appreciate the time and effort you took to create the site and it brought back many memories for me. After graduating from high school, I attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania (then Indiana State College) which was followed by over 20 years of military service in the United States Army. I married a girl from the Fayetteville area whom I met while serving with units of the XXXVIII Airborne Corps and tenant Special Operations units at Fort Bragg, N.C. In short, I parachuted into the back yard of a Confederate, got captured, and never came home!

While in military service, I traveled throughout many parts of the world, to include Asia, Europe, and especially much of South America, but my heart always seems to return to Nanty-Glo and my roots. I wish to thank you for the nostalgic trip I took tonight while surfing the web.

I completed a masters degree at Western Illinois University and have done post masters work at Duke University in recombinant DNA. Currently I teach biology in the Fayetteville area and will return to my old "home" for my upcoming high school reunion. Although the town has changed, it will always be home. Thank you for the great gift you gave me tonight. I shall probably dream of those nights at the record hops, the friends I knew, and even the hitchhiking to Adams Crossing, just outside Belsano, for a cool dip in the Blacklick Creek prior to the days of a real swimming pool. As today's world goes, it was a wonderful place to grow up! I will spread the word about the site to those I know who I am sure will equally enjoy it.

I can be better reached at BioDNARNA@aol.com (Paul Ceria) but will often return to this site for updates on home. Again, my thanks for a job well done!


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