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Venerable Sani-Dairy closes after 97 years

I visited the Nanty Glo area this past weekend and noted that Sani-Dairy in Johnstown with 225 employees closed down for good. We all saw Sani-Dairy dairy [known in those days as Santiary Dairy—Webmaster] throughout our youth on area store shelves for years. I thought it was a newsworthy item for you and all Nanty Glo web site visitors since it strikes close to home. The downhill slide with industry in Cambria County continues.

Dean Foods of Franklin Park, Ill., purchased Sani-Dairy, a 97-year old dairy, last year from Penn Traffic Co. and told employees in October, 1998, that it would be closing the plant in January, 1999.

An employee writes an appropriate editorial letter titled, "Sadly, 97 years of quality ends." It continues, "Sani-Dairy was not Penn Traffic or Dean Foods. Sani-Dairy was Johnstown, it was family, and it was a producer of the best-quality dairy products money could buy. Sani-Dairy employees are some of the most dedicated, hardworking and conscientious folks any employer would be fortumate enough to have on their payroll.

The letter continues, "It's sad to see the Old Gal go out his way—after 97 years of providing quality products and a good living for so many of us. But I feel fortunate to have worked for a great company and with truly outstanding people. To all our customers, dealers and retailers, thanks.... And lastly, to all the gang at Sani-Dairy, good luck, take care and God bless you [for the] fine job you've done."

It makes one wonder where are the Johnstown businessmen, and the national and state officials and politicians with enough "clout" to prevent such things from happening.

Best Wishes,
Frank Charney

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