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Two NGHS teachers remembered

Dear Mrs. Parsons,

I express my sympathy over your brother's death. I am a 1950 Nanty Glo High School graduate and remember him as a chemistry and physics teacher during my freshman year. He was a brilliant and dedicated instructor, too talented to remain at the high school level and wisely decided to move on to higher aspirations. He departed after my freshman year. I understand that he moved to Penn State and rose to become Head of the Mining Engineering Department. He must have located to west central Ohio in later years to be close to one of his children.

Interestingly enough, another Nanty Glo High School teacher, Margaret B. McHugh, who taught for 50 years for the Blacklick Valley School District, passed away on January 13, 1999. She was 92 years of age. Ms. McHugh was also a dedicated teacher who taught math and geometry.

She and Mr. Elmer Buige, a long time high school instructor, attended a 1995 reunion of the 1950 Nanty Glo HS graduating class. Mr. Buige passed away about two years ago in his early eighties. My background can be viewed on the Nanty Glo web site under the letter titled "The Years Before Rock 'N' Roll".

Francis Charney

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