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'Teacher's' life was even more in coal

In reading the headline, " Former Teacher Remembered," [letter no. 59] I realized I had to write more about Myles E. Altimus Jr. The teaching was such a minute part of his life. Nanty Glo and Heisley Coal Company was his greatest [area of] influence . He worked at the mine in the summer while attending Penn State. Afrer graduation he accepted a position with the Mineral Industries Department at PSU (having to do with coal); from there he moved to Uniontown, Pa., and worked for US Steel (coal). He then moved to Belleville, Ill., and worked for Peabody Coal Company in St Louis. He retired from American Electric Power in Lancaster, Ohio, also coal-related. I felt I must add this to my first email since this is the Nanty Glo Home Page and he certainly was a part of the coal industry.

Thanks again,
Dolores Altimus Parsons

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