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Late local educator remembered


My brother, Myles E. Altimus Jr., was born and raised in Nanty Glo. He and his wife graduated from NG High. He taught chemistry in the early 40's. I am sure many who knew him are gone, but their children or grandchildren have heard of him.

Myles, age 81, died at his home in Lancaster, Ohio; survived by his wife of sixty years, L Elaine Williams, and children Myles III, San Benito, Texas; Patricia E. Connard, Ashley, Ohio, and Shelley L. Carr of Etna, NH; six grandchildren; six great-grandchildren and a sister Dolores Altimus Parsons of Pine Grove Mills.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Myles E. Altimus Sr. and Velda Watson Altimus; two sisters, Rhoda G Kallaway and Mildred E. Hoover. A Memorial service will be held in Lancaster this summer.

I was told about the NG Home Page by Linda Silbaugh, daughter of Barden Watson . He happens to be my double cousin [figure that one out]. I left NG in '45 and have lived with my husband Paul in Pine Grove Mills for almost 52 years. I sure hope some of the retirees of my generation are online, but would like to hear from some young ones too. Still go back to NG to see relatives.

Keep up the good work,
Dolores Altimus Parson

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