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School near Nantyglo, Wales, wants contact from local pupils


I am Mike Harries Head of Information Technology at Brynmawr School in South Wales, UK. Brynmawr' s associated township is Nant Y Glo and therefore I feel that there are clear connections between the two communities and schools. Indeed, many of our pupils come from Nant Y Glo.

I am in the process of developing our school web site and a CD RoM about Brynmawr, Nantyglo and their townships. The area is steeped in industrial history and has a strong culture. The CD RoM (and our web site) will be rich in archive photographs, supporting text and historical archive text. The project involves primary school children and members of the Brynmawr (Nantyglo) historical society.

I invite you to visit our web site and see our pupils and community. I hope that we can involve your community and pupils in the project as well? Perhaps we can get the pupils themselves to communicate. We also have fluent welsh speakers and all pupils years 11 to 16 learn the language.

Anyway, I look forward for a reply communication.

kind regards and Seasonal Greetings
Hwyl (bye)
Mike Harries Head of ICT
Brynmawr School (Ysgol Gyfun Brynmawr)

Webmaster's note: I have visited the school's web page and found it has lots of interesting information. Please pay them a visit and drop them a line if you can. —Jon K.

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