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Used to spend summers in Nanty Glo

My name is Patrick Cahalane and I wanted to tell you the Nanty Glo homepage is great. My mother grew up in Nanty Glo; her name is Linda Wade, her maiden name is Zamboni. Even though she raised my brother and I in the Washington D.C. area, I spent every summer on First Street in Nanty Glo, until I was seventeen. I am 30 now and I have seen some of the changes that are mentioned on the homepage. My grandfather Jeno Zamboni spent almost all of his 70 years there. He passed away 12 years ago, suffering a heart attack on his daily walk past the Firehall. I believe he still holds some records as a high school quarterback. His mining equipment still hangs in my grandmother's basement.

I remember Mine 31 running full shifts, the yellow crick (creek), trains running on the tracks through town, the Fireman's Carnival, etc. I still visit my grandmother and family there every few months. I live in Pittsburgh now and it is only an hour and half drive.

Keep up the great work; thanks for the memories,
Patrick Cahalane

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