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Nanty Glo Roots

Letter No. 5 | November 3 1997

I have very much enjoyed watching the development of the Nanty Glo homepage over the past month or so. My Davis and Jones ancestors had farms in the vicinity. According to my aunt, the Davis's Beulah Farm was closer to Nanty Glo than Ebensburg; I was there once as a teen, in 1965, for a family reunion.

I have a home page on which I have posted my different ancestral lines. The link to the Davis family is
The link to the Jones family is

Within the next day or two I intend to build in some links to the Nanty Glo Home Page. Since there may be others who visit your site looking for genealogical data, perhaps you could make a link to my page. I hope to be able to post some pictures soon. I have a good one of the Davis home (which was built by my great grandfather, William H. Jones).

I look forward to seeing the page as it develops!

David Jones djones1@mail.ju.edu
Jacksonville, FL

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