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Enjoyed reunion for class of '53

Hello Nanty Glo...

The reunion for the [Nanty Glo High School] class of '53 was so much fun. It was interesting to see how everyone looked. We attended the reunion in 1973 at the Lemon Drop Lounge...I believe it was called...in Ebensburg. My husband Dominic Covolo attended the class reunion in 1993, and of course I went to this one with him. One of the teachers was at the Vets [VFW] with his wife. His name was Mr. Paul Palko (I think). Out of a class of 67 people or so 33 attended and six class members are deceased. We were sad to hear that Joe Varlien, who ran the drug store, was deceased.

There was the one evening at the VFW. The next day we went to George Zeranko's home for a picnic or buffet. He has a good-sized ranch house and acreage, with pretty green lawn, at Strongstown. He is a very good host, and everyone had a marvelous time. His wife is a sweet lady who had us plied with food and beverages and funny stories; it was so relaxed and such great fellowship.

I have been fortunate enough to visit Nanty Glo many times. It seems when you marry an Italian, you marry the family (and maybe even the town). My husband's grandfather, Franco Bendinelli, used to run a little grocery store on Cardiff Road, for years and years. Once, the "mafia" [threatened] to beat him up if he did not pay protection money...and he did not pay it! He drilled a hole in his front door and planned on shooting them with a shotgun, through the hole, if they came around. We had the Bendinelli family reunion at the park that is up by the municipal swimming pool back in 1982. I hope we will have another some day.

My husband's cousins, Dolly LaMantia and Joe Lagana, organized [the 1982 reunion]. Dolly LaMantia's brother had a car sales place in Ebensburg, Frank Castelli Ford, and Dolly's husband owned LaMantia Dodge. He still has an aunt who lives in Nanty Glo, Mae Covolo, and she has a son, David, who has a computer and is on-line. I think he lives on Fall Street. Mae is a doll. Also, my sister-in-law Dolores (Covolo) Kasecky lives on Cardiff Road and her kids Tina and Mark Williams (and their kids live in the old Bendinelli home). They have remodeled it, of course.

In 1968, we thought of moving back to Pennsylvania, we love it so much. I love Pennsylvania! I was born in Asheville, North Carolina, but I feel very much at home in Nanty Glo. After all, it is in the same mountain range. I did not get to go on the Ghost Town [Trail]. I went to the feast of St. Dominic mass at St. Mary's with my sister-in-law, and mass again on Sunday. We were only in town for about five days, and we always stay with my sister-in-law, and visit family.

Take care, and bless you for doing the Nanty Glo Home Page.

Best wishes,
Sallie Covolo

P.S. I mentioned the Nanty Glo Home Page at the reunion. I even took the microphone and mentioned it to the ones that came. I noticed that one of Dominic's classmates lives in Fremont, [Calif.]; we need to get in touch with him.

Webmaster's note: Sallie and Dominic Covolo now reside in the Almaden Valley section of San Jose, Calif.

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