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Appreciated 'preview' of Nanty Glo

Letter No. 47 | September 22, 1998

Webmaster's note: The following letter was received on August 19 and temporarily misplaced. We regret and apologize for the oversight.—Jon Kennedy

Just a note to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to "preview" Nanty Glo prior to my visit there in July. My husband's family was amused that I knew the "ghost town trail" etc... I especially enjoyed the stories of growing up in Nanty Glo in the '50's since I have long heard similar tales from my husband's parents—I even got to see a few of the "sites" including a natural spring that all the "boys" used to hang out at and wash their cars!

Had some absolutely unbelievable pizza called "white pizza," ate too many "Gobs" and had lots of ethnic food—Piroskis (sp?). Toured Johnstown and saw the city from the top of the Incline Plane, went to the flood museum, saw Mercy Hospital (where my beloved was born), walked around the beautiful campus of St. Francis, celebrated my husband's uncle's retirement party at a lovely historic country club, as well as his cousin's new job as principal of the high school (boy, principals didn't look like that in my day =) ).

His family was so much fun...they all make you feel so welcome. His 88-year-old grandma gave me a better haircut in her beauty shop than the last one I got at $100 Dallas salon—and the posted price was $5, but I got a family discount—wink, wink! And the weather was a wonderful cool change from the Texas heatwave. Can't wait to get back—it was great fun!

Thanks again for the "preview." I will be sure to check back occasionally for fun Nanty Glo stories....

stacy austin

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