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Letter No. 45 | September 15, 1998


As you well know, I've been keeping up with the Home Page ever since the inception, although I don't have an opportunity to check it daily. I was dismayed at a recent letter which states some pretty negative opinions about the Valley. May I once again offer my own? First of all, the one thing in life we can count on is change. Nothing stays the same, nor should it. Just because commerce and industry have changed over the decades, the embodiment of character of the people of this Valley will never change except to the better.

People have always left the Valley. I recall in early high school days of girls talking about "going to D.C. to get a good job with the government." I remember the boys going to the military to "get out of this hole." Guess what! Many of them returned and have raised their families here, and now their grandchildren. Ha. Who's kidding who?

As for the Valley becoming a "senior citizen haven," I say, "Great." There's a lot of money in "them thar pockets," not to mention a wealth of knowledge, experience and fond memories. Come on old people! We love you. As for "too many cops for one little town..." - I say, there's jobs for everyone obviously - and we need not fear our friends the cops if we're obeying the laws of society.

We've become a mobile society, so don't tell me there's nothing to do within 10-30 minutes of home. All one has to do is pick up the Tribune Democrat or one of the weekly publications to find a wealth of activities to keep a person going every night of the week. And if there's really nothing to do, then I can name quite a few nonprofit organizations, civic groups and other entities that could use the wit, humor, positive attitude, sweat and energy of people looking for something to keep themselves busy.

Again, I recall in our "younger days" that if you lived in Belsano, you had to go to Nanty Glo for fun, or if you lived in Nanty Glo, you just "had to go to Portage" to have fun You get my drift. Nothing's changed. Life and fun is what and where you make it. UH - by the way, I haven't run into one person recently who has said, "I wish I didn't live here." And why do all the "old timers" come back?

Thanks, Webmaster - for letting me vent.


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