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Lots of response to press exposure

Letter No. 43 | September 10, 1998


The Ebensburg Mountaineer Herald recently had an item about the Nanty Glo Home Page and you as its webmaster. The item didn't give a net address and I don't find any www.nantyglo.com. However, the whois command gave me info on the NANTYGLO.COM domain. Thus I'm able to ask you "where is the Home Page?"

I grew up in Revloc where my father was Chief Engineer of the mine. He was also Chief Engineer of the Heisley mine in Nanty Glo. We often went to the movies in Nanty Glo. And I've had some acquaintances who lived in Nanty Glo. So there is definitely interest for me in items relating to the Blacklick Valley region.

Looking forward to being able to access the Nanty Glo Home Page.

Al Roberts

Webmaster's reply: We have registered www.nantyglo.com and will have the site respond to that address as soon as our Internet service provider sets up the directory structure for it. —Jon Kennedy
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