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Letter No. 41 | September 10, 1998

Man I can't believe Nanty Glo is on the web! After reading some of the email you've received I just had to add a note.

I moved to Glo town from Baldwin New York in 1974 to to be close to my family. My mother had remarried a career soldier, David James "Jim" Rummel, who was born and raised in Belsano. When he retired from the Army they moved to Nanty Glo.

I lived in and around Glo (Colver, Homer, etc) until joining the Air Force in spring of 1977. Most of my friends were from Glo and the surrounding towns. My stepdad's relatives are all over the area - Glo, Mundy's Corner, Belsano, Colver, Ebensburg, Dilltown (he has a very large family).

They come down here to Florida every now and again and keep us up to date on how things have changed. A couple of the places I worked at have closed - Dietrich Industries out on route 22 and the Colver mine operated by Eastern Associated Gas.

It sounds like alot of restoration of the environment is taking place (boney dumps disappearing) with the mining slowing down.

We used to get together around a keg of beer at the spring on Beulah road, or out at Dumans Dam Park. I don't know if many of the old crowd is still around - we were quite a wild bunch. I've only been back twice since leaving in 77 - once for a friend's funeral, and once passing through on the way to Boston. Both visits were in the early 80's and the town had not changed much at all.

I'd like to try and look up some of those friends of years past. Do you have any kind of locator link?

Thanks for putting Nanty Glo on the web. You will continue to "blow people's minds" with it. I guess that's because we all tend to view it as a somewhat insignificant spot on the map; so whenever it does pop up we're surprised and heartened to remember the little town in the valley.

God bless Glo town,
Willie K

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