Local WWII casualty interred
in France now has 'godmother'

The following letter was received from France by the Historical Society. Jim Toth of the Society asked the writer to send a photo, which has been received and is shown below.

Letter #400, February 4, 2013

Dear Mister or Madam,

My name is Clemence Moalli. I live in France and I'm 17.

By a French association called "Les Fleurs de la Memoire" (Flowers of Memory), we can become the godmother or godfather to one or several graves of American soldiers who died in my country during WW2 and [are] buried in the American cemetery Colleville and Saint-James. We have to put flowers on the grave at least one time a year. I'm the "official" godmother to six graves of American soldiers and the godmother "by heart" to three other soldiers. One of them is Charles Molinsky, born in year 1925 and killed in the sea of Cherbourg the 24 December 1944 by the shot of a German U-boat.

By the genealogy site Ancestry, I discovered that he lived in Nanty Glo with his mother (Mary Molinsky), his brother (John Bellack), and his little sister (Margaret Molinsky). I would love to find his family, just to tell them that someone still takes care of Charles Molinsky in France. I know Mary and his son John are deceased but I still have a hope that Margaret is alive. Because I have difficulties to find a contact with the mayor of the city, I contact you.

I hope you will be able to help me. Thank you in advance.

With all of my respect,
Clemence MOALLI

Clemence Moalli puts flowers on the grave of Nanty Glo soldier Charles Molinsky, who died in the sea off France during World War II. The 17-year-old participates in a program that assigns 'godmothers' and 'godfathers' to tend the graves of American soldiers interred in a military cemetery in their region.


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