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Looking for information on ancestors

Letter No. 4 | October 1997

Just found your web page on Nanty Glo and found it to be quite interesting. I have been researching my family for the past couple of years and have come to a dead end with my grandparents. My grandmother, Annie E. Delehunt, was born in Nanty Glo in 1889.

Since you know so much about Nanty Glo, I was wondering if you could direct me to where I could find a birth certificate for her. I have written to Vital Records and to the Cambria County Historical Society but they do not have such records. How and where did they file such records? Any help would be appreciated.

—Shawn Penn

Perhaps someone will be able to help. But according to the brief history of Nanty Glo elsewhere on this site, there was nothing at what is now Nanty Glo in 1889. Are you sure you have the place of birth—or the year—correct? —webmaster

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