Appeal from our sister town across the pond:
Help us save the historic Nantyglo Hospital in Wales UK

Letter #385, May 10, 2012

Dear Residents,

I notice from reading your History that you have close links to Nantyglo, Wales, UK, you have the same history as we, both communities based on Coal. As you know, we in the UK have a National Health Service, [and] we as a community were part of the reason the Health Service was formed. Our forefathers paid out of their wages to build hospitals all over the South Wales Valleys. We too were founded on Coal and Iron. In 1908, our forefathers decided to build a hospital in Nantyglo, [which] they funded by donations, of 2p in the pound out of their wages.

The building of the hospital was completed and it opened in 1910 with no help from Banks or Government. The hospital served the community this way, until a local Member of Parliament, a certain Nye Bevan, fought to form the NHS. The hospital was then handed to the NHS in 1948, and continued to serve the community until recently, when the Health Authority decided to restructure the service in the area, and they closed our Community Hospital and others in the area.

Our local Officers of the Council tried to get the hospital from the NHS; they fought hard but were denied. So we have formed a group to try and save it from the developers, who want to knock it down to build 20 Bungalows on the site. The hospital, plus site, is up for sale for £250,000, which is a paltry sum when you consider that the Dressed Stone used to build it is worth at least that amount, without the rest of the recyclable materials onsite. This , together with a 50 percent grant to build the Bungalows, makes it a very cheap site to develop.

The reason we are contacting you, is, for your community to get behind our Petition to save the hospital. The more you can get interested, the better our cause will be, with signatures coming from the people of Nanty Glo USA, will serve to show the depth of feeling there is to this Demolition. If any of your residents have gone on to become famous in any way, it would be great to have their signatures as well.

I have attatched a picture of the hospital in question [above]. To see the petition ( I tried to attach it but cannot, bit of a numpty on here), you will have to go on Facebook, look for Brynmawr and Nantyglo Past and you will see it there.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Kenneth Young

UPDATE: Try this URL to find and sign the petition -



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