UPDATE on the safe suspected of being stolen in 1924 Belsano train robbery

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Letter #380, February 21 2012

My friend Dan and I went and found that safe [again] today [Friday, Feb. 18] and got more pictures. On the head of the safe you can make out, I believe, "DINSM__ BROS." The only letters I'm sure of are the BROS. at the end of the name. . . .It's not exactly where I thought originally; it's along the old railroad bed between Carroltown and Northern Cambria.

Matt Hite

This corrected location for the safe sounds more logical to me than "between Ebensburg and Colver." The robbery was on the C&I Railroad north of Belsano [story linked here] and it seemed to me unlikely (or stupid on the robbers' part) that after stealing the safe they would head toward Colver, which was the headquarters of the mine whose payroll they'd stolen and also the home office of the C&I RR. Matt followed up the note above with the guess that the name on the safe had been "Dinsmore Bros." I waited until today to receive and process the newer photos of the safe. They are shown above and below. Click any of the photos to display it in full-screen size.

— Webmaster

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The previous letter in this thread is repeated below for convenience.

Could this be the safe taken in the
'great Belsano train robbery'?

Belsano train robbery safe?

Letter #379, February 17, 2012


I'm writing because today is the first time I have ever heard of this infamous 1924 train robbery in Cambria County. Instantly, this story caught my attention because last summer my friend and I were out riding quads, outside of Ebensburg near Colver, and we were on an old railroad bed when I saw something that caught my eye in the weeds. It was a very very old safe that was broken into. At the time it was neat and I took a picture and forgot about it, until today. I have the picture and still know of the location if you're interested.

Matt (Hite)

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Note: Of course I requested the photo and it is now atop this letter. (I also asked for the location but am still waiting for that. Maybe Matt could pinpoint it on Google maps.) So, could this really be...? It could be a hoax or a strange coincidence, but...could it be? 

Oh, and I found there's a 'Belsano Job' game online.




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