An authoritative answer about the former traffic light in Mundys Corner


Letter #377, February 7, 2012

This seventh reply to the question, received on the morning of February 7, has more claim than any earlier one to authority on the question. The previous answers and the original question are repeated below, for easy reference.

7. There was a light at the Mundys Corner intersection that was probably put there in about 1948. I am positive that in 1957, until midnight there was the typical red, yellow and green light. At midnight It would then change to a blinking light . North and South it would blink red. East and West it would blink yellow. I don't know when all of this changed.

— Harry Sowolla


Answers to question about the old
intersection in Mundys Corner


Letter #376, February 7, 2012

Below are the answers received regarding the traffic light (or its absence) at the old intersection of US 22 and US 219 in Mundys Corner. These are arranged from the first received (bottom) to the most recent reply. The original question is repeated below the answers, for convenience.

All of the following came in during the first 24 hours after the question was published. Additional opinions are also welcome.

6. This is a link to a newspaper article that reports that there was a blinking red light at the intersection the night that George Sowalla was killed.
                                                                                            Phyllis L. Grembi Note: The article referenced above has been transcribed and added to the Home Page as a historical memoir, linked here. —Webmaster

5. Re: letter about lite at Mundys Corner. I recall very vividly a 3-way lite there. Shortly after the "blinker" was converted to a red-yellow-green light my good buddy, Hobe Rose and I were heading somewhere...don't remember where. Hobe came to a stop, as usual, then pulled ahead. In the middle of the intersection he stopped, looked at me, and said, "was that SOB green?"...We continued on, had a good laugh. Some things I never forget. Hope this answers the writer's question. Regards,
                                                                                               Phil (Cronauer)

4. I definitely remember a traffic light at that intersection. If memory serves, it seems to me that it was a regular traffic light up until the new Rt. 22 bypassed it. At some point after that it became a flashing light with Rt. 271 having the yellow and old Rt.22 having the red.           —Phil (Bartoletti)

3. Yes there was a traffic light at that intersection. A number of lives were lost there.                                                                 Ron (Ronald C. Dugan)

2. There wasn't any blinking light or traffic signal at that intersection in 1949 that I can remember.                                          —Bill Lezzer, Class of 1947

1. standard signal light at the intersection                                      (ntwagner)

Question about the old
intersection in Mundys Corner


Letter #375, February 6, 2012


I have a question I hope you or your readers can help me with. I have an argument with an old buddy about there being either a blinking light or possibly a standard signal light at the intersection of old Route 22 and what is now called Route 271 in Mundys Corner. I do remember at least a blinking one in the '50's. Can you help me out on this one?

Mike Warmus

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