Was Nanty Glo's population ever 8,000?


Letter #370, September 8 2011

I remember reading somewhere that in 1940 we were the largest town in population [in Cambria County], at over 8,000 people. . . . I tried to search for that article about the 8,000-plus, with no success. Maybe, just maybe, one of your homepage followers might know something about this and put an end to my illusion of Nanty Glo's history.

Thank you, Jon,

Mike Warmus

Webmaster: My own vague recollection is that in his report about the 1960 County census, Journal editor Andy Rogalski boasted that Nanty Glo was still the county's largest borough, with over 5,000 residents, but that Westmont would soon overtake that statistic. I've looked online for census figures for previous decades but have not been able to find a larger population figure. — Jon


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