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Letter #369, September 8 2011

As for the sign with NANTYGLO [see previous letter and comment here], if you notice that they are spaced about even and no gap between even NANTY and GLO. I have recently been getting pictures for the PA state web site of what is called the modified keystone signs all over the area. They did not normally use the - [hyphen] in any of the original signs. So this may be one case of that.

Also, the date: After the post office changed [the name from Glenglade to Nanty Glo] does not mean that the actual town was changed until it was incorporated. If you look back at the corporation papers, this is the year they filed for incorporation. The first step was getting the name set with the federal government and this is the actual year of that filing. During the next two years was setting the boundries of the Borough and getting the filings done on this. I agree that it is an odd date, but considering the survey equipment of the time and the many filing of all the paperwork, this was actually considered fast for the time. In today's time, it took Northern Cambria, PA almost four years to form from merging two towns.

James Toth
US Navy Retired
Tres./Proj. Mgr., Nant-Y-Glo
Tri-Area Museum &
Historical Society


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