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Letter #368, September 6 2011

Hello Nanty Glo,

This cast iron sign used to be along the road into Nanty Glo. Any idea if it is still around? There would have been two of them, one at each end of town. It is a very bad picture which I got from another website. It seems to say the town was founded in 1916 (hard to read the date). Wasn't that about the time the town was renamed to Nanty Glo? Hope to hear from someone. Thanks.

Jack Graham


Hello, Jack: I haven't been back to Nanty Glo for some years, but one of those signs was put up at the entrance to the Ghost Town Trail where it begins toward Twin Rocks behind the Fire Hall, as seen in this photo: http://www.nantyglo.com/drive11.htm. The date looks like 1916 to me, too, but it's not clear why that year would have been used.

According to this "brief history" http://www.nantyglo.com/frm7.htm, the name change (by the Post Office) took place in 1901 and incorporation (becoming a borough) was in 1918. Maybe someone else can provide more information.

I find it curious that the state agency putting up those signs spelled Nanty Glo Nantyglo (something I never noticed before), which is how it is now spelled in Wales (modernized from the three-word version) and it seems to me (having changed it from Nanty-Glo to Nanty Glo when I was the Journal editor) the borough should move in that direction, too.

—Jon Kennedy


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