Lighting gas pipes at White Mill


Letter #366, May 18 2011

[A reply to Jonal entry linked here...] Daniel Kalenak, this writer, was near your age and made the long walking trek a number of times from Nanty Glo out past Twin Rocks to Red (White?) Mill to go swimming in the heat of the summer. One thing in particular I remember is lighting the water/gas spewing out of the poles near the swimming hole nearby. It may have been adventurous but could have been dangerous if the gas became heavy and exploded.

The ladies at Hagens store were so wonderful and kind, and gave us a glass of water when we got back to town, cautioning we youngsters not to drink the cold water too fast.

Webmaster's note: If Hagens' Restaurant was still in business, it must have been White Mill, as the creek at Red Mill was "sulphur" until recent years when the mine pollution was being mitigated. I swam at White Mill many times but do not remember lighting the gas pipes. But I am apparently younger than you as Hagens had become the K&B by the time I was hitching to town. Probably the gas you describe had all been burned off by "my time." —jk


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