Passing of a landmark, Al's Tavern

September 17 2010

Wow . . . Another Nanty Glo landmark gone. Al's Tavern. I remember it well, having passed it many times on my way to and from school and church at St. Mary's, and playing in the area. However, I will always remember it as Mike & Joe's, the place where I saw my first TV show, Perry Como...on a small round tube, maybe 7 inches. I don't recall how old I was but it was in the late 40's. The place was packed and they probably sold enough booze to pay for the TV. Oh yes . . . the show was 15 minutes in length. Another warm wonderful memory.

Phil Cronauer . . .

Was the building the site of sign shop?

Before it was Al's Tavern, didn't a sign painter named Lindy Abrams have a business there?

Judy Rose

UPDATE: Yes, he did . . .

Judy, yes, Lindy Abrams did have a sign shop in the same building, on the LLoyd Street side. Also, on the Roberts Street side was Adam Janosik's barber shop. Again, many many times he cut my hair. Hey guys . . . remember when barbers used to "singe" your hair?


. . . and it was also Mike & Joe's, and . . .

After reading the two letters about the demise of Al's Tavern, I remember that it was also Mike's and Joe's tavern. A very popular place. Had been in there a couple times. Lindy Abrams sign place was next door, and a third business was sandwiched between that building and a house that Joe Rabel lived in. I think it was a shoe repair shop, but I am not certain about that.

Lou Stager

. . . and the shoemaker was . . .

Charley Sklarsky had a shoemaker shop on the Lloyd street side.


A Balavia Shoe Repair also remembered

It was Mike & Joes when I remembered it. On the Lloyd Street side you had The Clinic, Joe Rabel's Barber Shop, and Charlie's Shoe Store then Mike & Joe's. It was narrow on the Lloyd Street side but very long on the Roberts Street side. One of the owners lived upstairs. Next door on Roberts Street was Janosik's Barber Shop and then another shoe store, Balavia's Shoe Repair (I would see Mr Balavia go to work every morning as we were going to school, he lived on Second Street next to the Sulphur Creek). The Sign Shop was next. Then there was an alley and the next house was Nagy's (she was one of the pictures that you needed a name for). Then the House for the Nuns and the Catholic School. I remember this so well because I stood patrol crossing guard there for three years [1951-'53] and it is very hard to forget those freezing mornings standing on that corner.

Darla Paul

Ya! Mike and Joe's

I left Nanty Glo when I was 12 and the bar was Mike and Joe's then! However, I spent several summers there after moving and the mention of Lindy Abrams brought back a memory I had forgotten altogether. When Lindy first started his business, I think Yugo Palminary (sp ?) was his partner. I remember helping the two of them place a sign on the old Mundys Corner road, beyond Pirgim Hill (in a cold rain). When I visited NG, years later, I saw his shop on Shoemaker and was glad he apparently was successful. I think the sign we erected was advertising a jewelry store. Your website jars many of my memories of Nanty-Glo. Enjoy it very much!

Wes Hakanen, Edinboro PA



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