Reply: Museum is helping recycle efforts

This is a reply to letter #348

Recycling is a big part of our future.

The N.G. Tri-Area Historical Society is trying to help out with that. We collect and recycle old appliances, (frig's - freezers - stoves - etc.). We also collect old ink cartridges, box tops for education, all medal you may have. This helps us in feeding the community service workers and some goes to the Museum.

You can collect your cans from foods like vegtables or anything like that. Rinse them out and drop them off at the museum or if you have a lot we can pick them up.

It is surprising how much and what we can recycle in general.

I wish we had curb side recycling but until we do we all can do our part. A little drive can take you to any recycle center for all the other items.

Thank you for you comment and for your concern about our future.

James S. Toth
USN Retired
Tres/Projects Mgr.
N-G Tri-Area Historical Society and Liberty Museum
1053 Shoemaker St., Nanty Glo, PA


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