Consider recycling for Nanty Glo

Letter No. 348 | September 5, 2010


I'm not sure who to get in contact with here, but I didn't know if maybe you could pass this on to the appropriate persons or tell me who to contact about this. I recently read that leaders of the Nanty Glo Recreation Authority are looking for the public's help in winning a national contest (the Pepsi refresh project). I understand they plan to spend the money on paving projects around the community pool and park, a new garage and new bleachers.

I was wondering if anyone thought to include recycling? Nanty Glo lacks any kind of initiative to recycle and I feel the community has no ambition because they are not being influenced to do so. If they put recycle trash cans and educated the community, maybe more people would be for it. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks for your time.


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