I'm just sayin'
[a thank-you tribute to the Home Page]

Letter No. 347 | August 26, 2010

I have to say that I have really appreciated the Nanty Glo Web Page and all that you and your co-bloggers have published there. I constantly refer to older posts and such. It has really impacted our lives, letting us know about reunions and local news, and interesting facts about relatives and Pa. people. I actually have made so many friends through your Nanty Glo Page and have wonderful memories. Judy [Rose] said you look upon it as a History Page and although I am not so much into history as you Nanty Glo publishers, I am frequently using it as a "History Book."

I love previous posts, such as the December 11 postcard, which I have permanently bookmarked so I can download Open Office. Thank you for that link. I usually read all of the postcards from you and Frank and Judy.

When I say the heyday of the Nanty Glo Web site, I mean the time that it was so special for me, the times with Moo (Barbara) and the visits with Judy Rose. I/we have also enjoyed Paul Ceria's posts, and it was through the Nanty Glo/ Vintondale people that I/we got to go up in the airplane with Bill George and enjoyed the hospitality of your brother from the Willows/Williams [Calif.] area. It has all been just wonderful, and it still is and it has been a great privilege for me to read the many interesting posts.

I was thinking the other day that I have been so privileged to have known so many authors, you, and my Uncle Bill (who I have decided was a liberal in the old days, but I love him anyway); our friend John Szeker who is currently writing a book; Talmadge Powell, a friend who used to write Pulp Fiction, and Bob, who will undoubtedly write a book one day. If Judy R. is not going to post to the page anymore, I still love the stuff she has done previously.

I'm just sayin' (as the young folks say). . . .

Sallie Covolo



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