Mike Soyka and Nanty Glo's Soyka Family


Letter No. 333 | February 1, 2009


Please allow Judy's story about "A history of WWII Nanty Glo resident Michael Soyka Part One" to run as the Sunday Post. I had previously read it [in the Historical Society newsletter], and it's an entertaining story that needs to be posted for awhile for more readers to enjoy it.

I understand Mike lives in retirement now.

I recall the Soyka family from my youngest days. During the World War II years, the father Mike, Sr., operated Soyka's Meat Market, located at the site of present-day Al's Pizza Shop. Later the market was relocated across the street to the intersection of Chestnut Street and Second Street. I recall the parents, Mike Sr. (1898-1968) and Mary (1897-1992), and the family members, John (1920-1990), Mike, Joe, Steve, and Helena.

John was in the construction business and build Revloc's Ukrainian Catholic Church. My wife Rose and I were acquainted with John's widow, Ann (Hudak) Soyka, age 83, who passed away in 2003. Ann, a native of Colver, was a Revloc resident and attended Revloc's Catholic Church. As a youngster, I recall the days when John courted Ann when I was visiting Soyka's Market. It was ironic that our paths crossed many years later.

Joe became a successful medical doctor and is retired these days. Steve attended Pitt and became an industrial engineer. Helena is married to John Dropcho, and assists him in his present role as head of Nanty Glo's Historical Society. And the readers have seen the story about Mike, who was a school teacher and became the Wagner School principal.

That about wraps up the story of a successful Nanty Glo family.

Frank Charney


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