One of Cicero's 'old skaters' remembers


Letter No. 332 | January 5, 2009

I am one of the old skaters. I coached artistic roller skating for 30 years and was a registered coach with the SRSTA. I still keep my license up to date. We were skating at Ciceros during the '60s and we were Skateland skaters before that. We liked the Saturday night roller dances at Ciceros and brought our three children—Chuck, Cheryl, and Cindy—skating. I did free style and dances; Chiz, my husband, did figures and also was a registered coach and we operated and coached Star-lite Roller Rink in Lavale, Md,, until Chiz got sick. He passed away in December 1988; we were married 40 years.

I hung my skates up till Edna (Mrs. Cicero) called me one day and said, “get those skates and come up; Chiz wouldn't want you to sit and rot,” her exact words. I did skate for a while, then I met some people who introduced me to a senior skate at Sir Skate. I then met, after a year, my second husband, at Sir Skate. I continued coaching and after 30 years got my 30-year achievement award. I retired.

I have lots of pictures we took at Ciceros and I have that postcard. And I do have all the roller dance music; Edna gave them all to me. I remember doing the flirtation waltz and I fell on my tailbone and twin boys helped me up and got me off the floor. My son Chuck and Jon Schneider used to roll tires. It was funny when Chuck accidentally rolled into one and it rolled him.

I remember Frank, Pearl, Schneiders, Diane—and the beautiful organ dance music with Edna playing the correct tempo for each dance. And I remember Jim Cicero; I have a picture of him. Others: Pat Wess, Shirley (can't remember her last name), Sandy and Earl. There were two Slims; one was Slim Semich and the other Slim died.

Edna sent me a Christmas card every year till this past year. I probably will remember more later. Oh, yes, Cheryl lives in Florida, is a Realtor and a registered ICU nurse—she's married and is 58. Cindi is an auditor for Duke University; she is married, lives in Apex, N.C. and is 55. And Chuck is a graphic artist; is 51 and lives in Windber. One grandchild, Tracy, lives in Raleigh, N.C. and is supervisor of a federal prison hospital. And me, Shirley Kelley—I live in Richland Township.

Shirley Kelley



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